Quaker faith and practice

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Title: Quaker faith and practice
Author(s): Naraht
Date(s): 9, 14 February 2013
Length: (unfinished)
Genre: futurefic
Fandom: Mary Renault
External Links: archived on AO3

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"Quaker faith and practice" is a short story by Naraht based on Mary Renault's 1953 novel The Charioteer. It is set a few months after the novel during the latter part of the London Blitz, after Laurie has been killed in an Easter air raid on Bridstow.


Now that Ralph has been transferred to London, his relationship with Andrew intensifies, and the two decide to share a flat.


The story is the second part of Naraht's Incendiary series, which began with "Never ask me whose".


Comments included the following:

  • "As always I love the detail of your work- it feels so real, every minute bit realistic yet serving it's purpose. [...]" — comment by makioka
  • "So Andrew demands compartmentalization from Ralph as well as he did for Laurie. He's like emotional Tupperware! [...]" — comment by zeen
    • "I did ponder this, because in the book Ralph is, after all, the one who advocates not keeping Andrew in isolation and ignorance like a "mid-Victorian virgin." Having said that, I do think this has happened very suddenly and Andrew is a very different person from Ralph's circle of gay friends. One of the themes in the rest of the story is the difficulty of integrating those two worlds. Ralph may not get along any better with Andrew's friends than vice versa." — reply by naraht