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Name: Narri Patters
Alias(es): Narri, Narrissa Patters, NarriPatters, Someone the First, mewuvcows
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: Harry Potter, Star Wars (Prequel Trilogy), Animorphs
Communities: FictionAlley, Harry Potter for Teenage Witches
URL: Narri at FictionAlley
Someone the First at FanFiction.Net
NarriPatters at FictionAlley Park
mewuvcows at LiveJournal (defunct) (offline)
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Narri, also known as NarriPatters and Someone the First, is a fanfiction author.

In Harry Potter fandom, Narri was an early and influential Harry/Hermione shipper and is the author of the story that inspired the widespread pairing name "Pumpkin Pie".[1] She was also a founder of FictionAlley and part of a group of Harry Potter collaborators known as the Teenage Witches.

Fandom History

Narri stated in October 2000 that she had been writing fanfiction for three years.[2] She joined FanFiction.Net in 1998, the site's infancy.

In April 2000, Narri started Harry Potter for Teenage Witches with two school friends; together they were known as the "Patters triplets". The mailing list eventually gave rise to an exclusive group of fanfic collaborators known as the Teenage Witches, which included Narri and BNF Cassandra Claire among others.

In October 2000, two questions submitted by Narri were answered by J.K. Rowling, who addressed Narri by name, in an AOL Live chat.[3][4]

Narri was the winner of two Golden Toad Awards in 2000 and 2001.



Star Wars

Harry Potter


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