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Name: Multiverse Slash Ring
Date Founded: active 2001-2002
Focus: character-centric
URL: Multiverse Slash Ring (ring home, Wayback)

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Multiverse Slash Ring is a webring for slash fiction focusing on characters in a variety of fandoms.

The "RingMaster" was katsanders.

Note: the stats say the site had 39 websites. The Wayback Machine appears to be able get at 10 of them, so the list below is incomplete.

Ring Stats

From a 2002 page view:

  • Founded on 02/18/2001
  • 39 site(s)
  • 8 page views today
  • 2885 total page views


Welcome to the Multiverse Slash Ring. We accept membership from any web site that has slash (M/M or F/F) stories for any fandoms, especially my favorite fandoms: Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Angel: The Series, Highlander, Queer As Folk, The Sentinel, Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter, Star Trek: Voyager, Poltergeist: The Legacy, and the Marvel and DC Universes. [1]

Some Rings

  • The Twins' Web Site Host lots of fanfic for various fandoms including slash for StarWars TPM, New Professionals and Invisible Man.
  • Sheshat's Online Library Multi-fandom archive, including all genres and ratings, for BeastMaster, Buffy/Angel, B5/Crusade, due South, Farscape, Highlander, Sentinel, Stargate SG1, and much more. Submissions welcome!
  • ...Mightier Than the Sword A site of fanfiction from many shows including Buffy (Spike/Angel), FX, Voyager, Profiler, and more...
  • Crossing the Nebula Voyager Slash. Janeway and Seven, with new female character. Postings every 2-3 weeks.
  • Foremans Sanctuary The origins, bio, and on going stories about a cosmic superhero in an alternate marvel universe.


Bald Heaven was a member of the following webrings:


  1. Multiverse Slash Ring