Mirai Tenmei Hantenchi

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Title: Mirai Tenmei Hantenchi (未来天命反転地)
Circle: Ede
Doujinka: Tachibana Daichi (たちばな大地)
Fandom: Gankutsuou
Date/s: 27 March 2005
Type: manga
Size: B5, 20 pages
Language: Japanese
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Toranoana (とらのあな) (Japanese)
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Mirai Tenmei Hantenchi is a Gankutsuou doujinshi by Ede. It contains Cristo x Albert and Franz x Albert yaoi.[1]

One seller summaries: "Despite the Count betraying him and causing the death of his loved ones, Albert feels he has no one left but him to turn to. Contains light yaoi scenes and mature situations."[2]



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