Miles Ezekiel Shaw/Raven Reyes

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Pairing: Miles Ezekiel Shaw/Raven Reyes
Alternative name(s): Zaven. Pilot Mechanic
Gender category: Het
Fandom: The 100
Canonical?: Yes
Prevalence: Rare
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Miles Ezekiel Shaw/Raven Reyes, also known as Zaven or Pilot Mechanic, is the het pairing of Miles Ezekiel Shaw and Raven Reyes in The 100 fandom. They have a canonical relationship.


Character Name Change

Before the beginning of season 5 it was released that Raven was going to have a love interest in the upcoming season.[1] Fans quickly figured out that it would be a new character, that had been cast under the name Zeke, and began shipping it immediately, quickly the portmanteau Zaven was created. After the beginning of the season when the showrunner announced that his first name was not in fact Zeke, but was Miles,[2] many fans refused to accept it and continued using Zaven because it was the common tag for the pairing on Tumblr and Twitter. However, some fans started using the ship name Pilot Mechanic instead.

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