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Pairing: King Mickey/Riku
Alternative name(s): Miku; リクミキ (RikuMiki)
Gender category: Slash
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Canonical?: We wish.
Prevalence: Infamous
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MickeyRiku is the crack pairing of King Mickey and Riku from the Kingdom Hearts series of video games.

"I bet Riku and the king are still together."
Goofy, Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories (2008)



The basis of the MickeyRiku ship originated from the mutually supportive friendship between King Mickey and Riku in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (2004).[1] However, "Lookit all the pretty paisley horses", a MickeyRiku crackfic by Roxal, possibly the very first MickeyRiku fic ever posted to FanFiction.Net, was published on 4 December 2002,[2] roughly three months after the release of the first game in North America, and a few weeks after its release in Europe and Australia, predating the English-language release of Chain of Memories by two years.[3]

Fans cite the characters' affectionate reunion at the end of Kingdom Hearts II (2005) and their supposedly matching outfits in Kingdom Hearts III (2019)[4][5] as evidence of their love.

In "Kiss and Tell," published on 12 April 2006, author penguin-fighter-d-chan refers to the ship as "Miku".[6]

At some point before 2015,[7] DeviantArt user yogurtyard (AKA vulpeca, AKA JackyBunnyBun) created and published a R18 MickeyRiku yaoi comic. The comic circulated Kingdom Hearts communities as the MickeyRiku crack ship reached meme critical mass. The original source appears to have been deleted, but a partial MST-style read-aloud still exists on YouTube here as of 2 April 2021. Many humorous memes,[8] and at least one AMV[9] and one fanmix,[10] use cropped SFW screenshots of this famous comic.

Fanon and Tropes

Occasionally, fans will depict a humanized AU Mickey romancing Riku. However, a majority of the time, fans stay closer to the source canon by opting for hot mouse-on-boy action.

Determined to make a show of hubris that would surpass even MickeyRiku, top shippers have created an even crackier ship: Gooxel (Goofy x Axel).[11]


In contrast to the discourse surrounding other ships, such as SoRiku vs SoKai or AkuRoku, the Kingdom Hearts fandom is largely united in its passion for MickeyRiku. However, some have argued that MickeyRiku is problematic because Mickey Mouse is an adult rodent, while Riku is an underage anime boy.[12]

MickeyRiku shippers generally coexist peacefully with supporters of other ships involving Riku and Mickey.[13]

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