Michael Tritter

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Name: Michael Tritter
Occupation: Princeton Police Department
Fandom: House, M.D.
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Michael Tritter is a minor character in House, M.D.. He first meets Gregory House as a patient in the clinic. Tritter complains about his treatment to Lisa Cuddy, but House refuses to apologize. Tritter follows House and pulls him over for speeding, discovers some pills (Vicodin) during a patdown search and arrests House. When a search of House's apartment produces over six-hundred Vicodin, Tritter accuses House of drug abuse and intent to traffic. During the following 'Vendetta' Tritter tries to turn House's colleagues and fellows against him by using both legal and illegal means (he tries to blackmail Foreman and looks through confidential patient files without a warrant).

He eventually convinces James Wilson to agree on a deal that would save House's licence, but then withdraws from it when he finds evidence he can use against House. In the end it is Cuddy who exposes Tritter's rather unethical behaviour and (by lying to the court) saves House from a prison sentence, thus ending Tritter's 'Vendetta'.
Before he leaves, Tritter says to House "Good luck. I hope I'm wrong about you" (ep. Words and Deeds).

Tritter is addicted to nicotine gum and, like House, doesn't trust people.

Tritter is played by David Morse.

Fan Response

In the fandom Tritter caused diverse reactions. Many fans saw him as an enemy of House, who had no right to treat him the way he did. Others saw him as someone who defied House and finally taught him that there were consequences to breaking the rules.

Fan Works

One of the most-recced fics in House fandom, A Modest Proposal - Ignaz, was written as an alternative ending to the often-criticized Tritter arc; however, Tritter himself did not appear much in the story. In fact, most fic written in reaction to the Tritter arc was more about the fallout amongst the main characters than about Tritter himself.

However, fics of all kind focusing on Tritter were written. One of the first fic that emerged after Tritter's introduction was Humiliation by Baked Goldfish, a NC-17 non-con House/Tritter story, which takes place when Tritter takes House into custody. Words to Live By by Pwcorgigirl would be on the opposite extreme, being a gen character examination of the Tritter.

House_Tritter collects House/Tritter fanworks, and posts in Capslock_House often refer to Tritter in a mocking capacity.

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