Michael Rosenbaum

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Name: Michael Rosenbaum
Also Known As: MR
Occupation: actor, goofball
Medium: television, film
Works: Smallville, Justice League
Official Website(s): michaelrosenbaum.com; Twitter; IMDB
Fan Website(s):
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Michael Rosenbaum is an American actor known primarily for his portrayal of fan favourite Lex Luthor on Smallville. He also provides the voice of The Flash/Wally West on Justice League and famously crossdresses in the 2002 film Sorority Boys. Fan interest in Sorority Boys developed mainly due to Rosenbaum's presence in the film.

Rosenbaum was also accidentally involved in a fourth-wall breaking incident that became infamous in certain parts of fandom; someone went to a convention and gave him a box of sex toys and smutty fanworks.[1]

RPF Character

Michael Rosenbaum is a popular character in CWRPS, often paired with Tom Welling or appearing as a secondary character in J2 stories. His flamboyant personality off-screen has led to him being used as comic relief in a lot of stories.

Example Fanworks

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  1. ^ Recounted by Rageprufrock in the Slash Report episode The Fourth Wall, released March 24, 2013.