Merlin/Arthur Kiss Meme

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Name: Merlin/Arthur Kiss Meme
Date(s): 30 September 2009
Founder: Ras Elased
Type: Merlin/Arthur fic and art fest
Fandom: Merlin
Associated Community:
URL: Merlin/Arthur Hug Meme (LiveJournal)

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The Merlin/Arthur Kiss Meme is "all about Merlin/Arthur kisses! \o/ Lots and lots of kisses! Be they sweet and fluffy, hot and dirty, or just necking like teenagers, any kisses are welcome! The more the better!"[1]


From the kiss meme post:
1. No porn (that's what the kink meme is for), just kisses!
2. Write your Merlin/Arthur kisses in the comments below. Please don't link back to your journal.
3. One kissing ficlet or artwork per comment.
4. Let the snogging begin!
thisissirius compiled a masterlist.[2] The number of comments indicate story length.


practice date

by miakun [2 comments]
"So..." Merlin says leaning back against the driver's side of the car.


by angelqueen04 [1 comment]
Arthur coughed against the thick smoke that clouded the immediate area as he pushed himself to his knees

Different From This

by kick_flaw [1 comment]
It wasn't--it wasn't that Merlin didn't want to, see, it was more that he wanted it to be very different from this.


by kirusai [1 comment]
"I can't believe you kissed her and then told her you didn't mean it. What were you thinking?"

Always Different

by anowlinsunshine [2 comments]
Merlin's kisses never quite taste the same.


by b_b_banana [2 comments]
Merlin pricks his finger on a thistle in the middle of the afternoon


by chippyofyonder [1 comment]
“Gauis is probably wondering where I am,” Merlin mumbles

In Which they own a bakery in france

by ras_elased [2 comments]
There is an explosion of crashing bakeware from the kitchen

Not a Kiss

by allira_dream [1 comment]
"It wasn't a kiss!"


by allira_dream [1 comment]
"It wasn't a kiss!"]

exercises in motivational nutrition

by itachitachi [2 comments]
"Arthur," Merlin says, "you can't keep eating nothing but meat and bread."

under cover of darkness

by mariana_oconnor [1 comment]
It's the silence that sets the atmosphere]

between friends

by ladyflowdi [2 comments]
The first time they kiss it's a kiss between friends

promises to keep

by i_claudia [2 comments]
the world is fuzzy, distant; merlin can't remember why


by crazyboutremmy [1 comment]
merlin blinked, mouth falling open in shock

untitled by angelqueen04 [1 comment]

when merlin arrives on the bloodstained fields of camlann, he knows he is too late


by phantomjam [2 comments]
arthur likes to kiss merlin in the rare lazy afternoons

if you want something doing

by special_schizo [2 comments]
considering all of the dragons talk about destiny]


by magog_83 [2 comments]
hey, wake up

we have got to stop meeting this way

by vensre


by frantic_allonsy [3 comments]
the knights often liked to tease him


by mariana_oconnor [2 comments]
merlin's not in his right mind


by angelqueen04 [2 comments]
arthur sits in his chambers


by yue_ix
♥ face to neck


by cat_77 [1 comment]
it's been far too long

against the wall

by lizardspots
art; against the wall

a rain of kisses

by rotrude [2 comments]
arthur had had no way to predict it would start squalling


by meredyth_13 [1 comment]
what was that?

kissage & face to neck

by ptelefolone
art; kissing ♥

missing scene for gates of avalon

by angelqueen04 [1 comment]
merlin staggered as he struggled to drag arthur out of the lake

your war is over

by such_heights [1 comment]
arthur lets the sword drop from his hand

settling nerves

by mithrel [1 comment]
merlin presses arthur against the door


by vensre
art; lovely

+ art

by uniformly [1 comment & art]
you want me to what?


by waeter [1 comment]
all around them, fireworks explode


by mithrel [1 comment]
merlin crawls

traditional remedy

by lamardeuse [2 comments]
merlin, i order you to get up this instant

the one where arthur sells his tongue because being rich is hard life

by derryere [10 comments]
50p cash 1st tues of month. 30 mins 2 curfew @ greenhouse. PW: in the mangle. AND BURN AFTER READING you fucking poofter.

you couldn't have loved me better

by thisissirius [2 comments]
they don't kiss. it's the unspoken rule betweent them.


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