Members of the Supernatural Con

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Title: Members of the Supernatural Con
Creator: Amy Forrest
Date(s): 1977
Medium: print
Fandom: Dark Shadows
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Members of the Supernatural Con is a 10-page fan-created convention program book for a fictional con held in 1977. The creator was Amy Forrest.

The entire program book is made to look like it was done for an actual a fan-run con. The participants and programming are all characters/situations/locales from Dark Shadows.

A flyer for this "con" was in The World of Dark Shadows #13, and the convention program book itself was printed in "The World of Dark Shadows" #14.

Sample Pages

Reactions and Reviews

…the MOTS Souvenir Program--now there's a meeting I'd like to drop in on! [1]

I felt that the MOTS gag program was too long; I would have MUCH rather seen a full program of Starcon/ShadowCon. [2]

The MOTS section turned out just swell--I hope everyone gets the subtleties in it because it really is cleverly done. Amy ought to be rightfully congratulated for coming up with a most unique idea. [3]

The MOTS program was superb--loved the part about the 'alternate treasurer' and especially 'visit the year of your choice'. [4]

To each their own--I found the MOTS annual meeting a bit silly and drawn out. [5]


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