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Name: Max
Occupation: prostitute, business leader
Location: Nassau
Fandom: Black Sails
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Max is a fictional character in Starz's TV Series Black Sails, played by Jessica Parker Kennedy.


Max follows a type of 'rags to riches' story arc; it is implied she was born into slavery and at the start of the show she is a prostitute. By the finale, she is the de-facto political and business leader of Nassau. And all this while wearing some truly fabulous dresses.

Max is clever and opportunistic, but her pragmatism occasionally conflicts with her heart's desire. A failed bid to run away with Eleanor Guthrie in season 1 (and the disastrous fallout) motivates her to prioritize her ambition and security, occasionally landing her opposite former allies (e.g. John Silver and Jack Rackham) and even lovers (e.g. Anne Bonny). By the end of Season 4, she has sought and attained relative peace and freedom for both herself and Nassau.


Common Pairings

Max is most frequently paired with her canonical partners: Eleanor Guthrie and Anne Bonny. The canonical threesome pairing of Anne Bonny/Jack Rackham/Max is also common. One rarepair is Max/Idelle.



  • histoire à tiroirs by straddling_the_atmosphere. histoire (n): a story, a fictional tale, a narrative account, a lie. Or: Max and shifting sands
  • kintsugi by princejake. Written for BS Rarepair Week: Jack and his ladies, and the love he has for them both. Set during late s4.
  • you'll always paint my sky by mapped. She still loves Max, and it gets harder and harder to deny it to herself. (Anne through the second half of S4.)


  • Celebrity Skin by some_stars. It better be worth it.
  • Good Life by yunitsa. Max/Anne/Jack - no little league, we major / the proof is in the paper.

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