Jack Rackham

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Name: Jack Rackham
Occupation: Pirate
Title/Rank: Captain
Status: Alive (Black Sails)
Relationships: Anne Bonny (Lover)
Fandom: Black Sails
Other: Wikipedia page on historical pirate Calico Jack Rackham
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Jack Rackham is a historical figure. Jack is also a main character in Starz's TV series Black Sails, which is a prequel to the novel Treasure Island. A fictionalized version of Rackham also appears in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag.

Historical Figure

Calico Jack Rackham was a real historical pirate in the early 18th Century. His nickname is derived from the calico clothing he wore.


In the Starz TV series, Jack is portrayed by Toby Schmitz. He is the quartermaster of Charles Vane's pirate crew. He eventually rises to the position of Captain.

In canon, Jack Rackham is Anne Bonny's lover. They both engage in a sexual relationship with Max


In the Black Sails fandom, the most common pairing involving Jack is Anne/Jack, but this can sometimes be a side pairing.

The canonical threesome pairing of Anne Bonny/Jack Rackham/Max also appears in fanworks. Some fics also pair Anne and Jack, with the historical pirate Mary Read.

There are a small number of slash fics pairing Jack with his friend and Captain, Charles Vane.



  • Match Cord by misspamela. A girl. His future. The entirety of his poor black heart, staring at him from across the public room of the Cock and Crown, her thin arm clutched in the paw of a man three times her age. (Anne/Jack Origin Story)
  • Terms of Endearment by palebluedot. Where Jack wants to ~define the relationship~ to debatable success. (Anne/Jack/Max/Mary Read)



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