Eleanor Guthrie

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Name: Eleanor Guthrie
Occupation: Businesswoman
Status: Deceased (Black Sails)
Relationships: Richard Guthrie(Father), Woodes Rogers (Husband)
Fandom: Black Sails
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Fandom and fanworks

Eleanor Guthrie is a fictional character in Starz's TV series Black Sails, played by Hannah New.


Eleanor is a powerful woman on Nassau Island. She controls all the trade on the island. She provides tips and financing to the pirate crews, and they bring their looted goods to Eleanor, who sells them onto legitimate merchants. She has a difficult relationship with her father who always wanted a son to take over his business. She has a sexual relationship with the prostitute Max and was formerly involved with Charles Vane.

Her decision to side with Captain Flint against Charles, damaged her reputation on the island and she is viewed negatively by many of the pirates. Eleanor shares Flint's vision of a free and prosperous Nassau, but she is betrayed and tried in England for her crimes. She returns to Nassau with Woodes Rogers, the new Governor, to offer advice on how to eradicate piracy and bring civilization to Nassau.

Eleanor begins a relationship with the married Woodes Rogers and he leaves his wife so they can be married. She tries to negotiate a truce with Flint and John Silver, but they are interrupted by the invasion of Spanish forces. Brought to Nassau at Woodes Rogers insistence, it is the Spanish soldiers that kill a pregnant Eleanor.


Common Pairings

Eleanor is most commonly paired with canonical love interests Max (Black Sails) and Charles Vane.




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