Marian Mendez

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Name: Marian Mendez
Type: fan writer, puppet master
Fandoms: Blake's 7
URL: fiction at Hermit
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Marian Mendez is a prolific and popular fanfic writer.

A fan in 2004 wrote of Marian's Blake's 7 fiction: "Marian is well known in the fandom for her brilliant, short, outrageously funny humour pieces - and her gift for crackfic. While I could have nominated any one of a dozen of those beautiful gems, I chose this because it's something she's not as known for - a deadly serious, quiet, and heartfelt character piece." [1]


University of Iowa Donation

In 2013, Marian donated many Blake's 7 print zines to University of Iowa Fanzine Archives. See: [1].

Example Fanfiction

Some Blake's 7 Print Zines

Masterbear Theatre

Marian was also the creator of a video play called Masterbear Theatre featuring a humorous storyline with teddy bears and other stuffed animals standing in as characters from Blake's 7. The video intro was styled after the US TV show Masterpiece Theatre.

Teddy Bears



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