Maglor in History

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Name: Maglor in History
Date(s): ~2003
Founder: Finch
Type: fanfiction
Fandom: The Silmarillion
Associated Community: Henneth Annûn Story Archive, Silmfics
URL: Maglor in History (original stories); Archived challenge at HASA
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The Maglor in History challenge was created by Finch in ~2003, for stories about the Silmarillion character Maglor through human history. It's also known as Maglor-in-History and occasionally Maglor throughout History, Maglor through History or Maglor in Time. The original challenge might have been associated with the Henneth Annûn Story Archive, the Silmfics list and/or Finch's archive, Romancing the Jewels. The original wording was:

What happened to Maglor after we left him singing on the beach?

Assuming he lived, write a story in which Maglor appears later in time, some place in our history. He can witness a major historical event or perhaps meet or see a major historical figure.[1]

Thirteen stories were written for the original challenge, which were listed at Romancing the Jewels.[2] They spanned the timeframe from the Trojan War to the mid-20th century. They were generally very well received; Espresso Addict described the challenge in June 2004 as extraordinarily productive.[3] Many of the original set were recommended well outside the Silmarillion fandom, especially perhaps:

The challenge was archived at the HASA Oliphaunt Pen for expired challenges in February 2004. Many stories have been written subsequently for the trope. It was later revived for the Back to Middle-earth Month 2012.

Stories Written for the Original Challenge

In chronological order:


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