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Name: Maglor, Makalaurë Kanafinwë
Occupation: Singer, Warrior
Relationships: Fëanor, Nerdanel, Maedhros, Celegorm, Caranthir, Curufin, Amrod, Amras, Elros, Elrond
Fandom: Tolkien, the Silmarillion
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Maglor is the second son of Fëanor of the House of Finwë, a division of the Noldorin Elves in J.R.R. Tolkien's book The Silmarillion.

Maglor in Fanfiction

Maglor is a popular character in Silmarillion fanfiction, often appearing in stories alongside his elder brother Maedhros, or his adopted sons Elros and Elrond. Sometimes he is paired with an author's original character.

He is the central character in the Maglor in History challenge.

Notable Fanfiction

Maglor in Fanon

Maglor is often depicted as the most soft-hearted and sympathetic of the Feanorians, probably due to his adoption of Elrond and Elros, and his unsuccessful attempt to persuade Maedhros to give up on their shared Oath. He is often seen as the moral compass of the family, although that role can be given to Maedhros as well.

Maglor is in fanon often given the attribute of wielding two swords. Sometimes in fanon he is portrayed as having magical abilities related to his music, which he uses in battle.

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