Romancing the Jewels

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Name: Romancing the Jewels
Date(s): ?-2003 (last update)
Archivist: Finch
Founder: Finch
Type: fanfiction, fan poetry, essays
Fandom: Tolkien, mainly Silmarillion
URL: Romancing the Jewels (offline)
Romancing the Jewels (index links broken; see article)
Romancing the Jewels.png
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Romancing the Jewels is a selective archive cum listing for Tolkien works based on his Silmarillion legendarium, including Unfinished Tales and The History of Middle-earth,[1] maintained by Finch. It is subtitled Doom & Gift, Freedom & Fate.

It contains fanfiction and fan poetry, gen, het and slash, as well as a small number of essays and a short list of links. The archivist states:

Contributions welcome, if not too derivative/reminiscent of existing fanfiction stories, and if compatible with the extant corpus in tone and content. No Lord of the Rings/Hobbit stories, no Mary Sues, no self-insertion. No extended, graphic sex scenes; no gory chopping and hacking.[1]

It was last updated in December 2003. In January 2005, it was the only Silmarillion-only archive on the web.[2] The main url has gone offline since 2005, but the archive remains available here, although the index page links are currently broken (direct links available below).

The site is also host to the Galvorn Awards 2003 (link) and the Maglor in History (link) challenge.


Stories are divided chronologically and by genre/form:

Reviews, Recommendations and Affiliations

The Crack Van overview for The Silmarillion describes the site:

medium-sized Silmarillion archive maintained by Finch; contains the collected Maglor in History stories. Unfortunately, many stories actually link to, and thus have been afflicted by the Dreaded Link Rot [all genres, no graphic sex or gore][2]

The archive is affiliated with the Mithril Awards.[3] Romancing the Jewels is recommended by:

  • Celandine Brandybuck -- Finch's own works and others, Silmarillion-based; has not been updated since 2003[4]
  • Deborah Judge -- Finch's Silmarillion fiction archive, with a good selection of quality in-canon stories. Also the place to find Finch's own innovative, canon-loyal, and impeccably footnoted stories. Especially recommended for Finrod lovers.[5]
  • Espresso Addict -- Large archive of Silmarillion fanfiction[6]
  • King and Herald -- Links page for Silmarillion fanfiction[7]
  • Tyellas -- Silmarillion fanfic archive with romance, adventure, and a focus on close to canon material[8]


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