Magical World

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Title: Magical World
Circle: Sara Choco's
Doujinka: Rinpei Hirabayashi (平林林平)[1]
Fandom: Harry Potter
Date/s: 2003 or before[2]
Type: manga & novel
Size: B5[3]
Language: Japanese
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Magical World is a Harry Potter doujinshi by Sara Choco's. It contains implied Harry/Ron and Harry/Draco shounen ai.

This doujinshi has been partially scanlated by Aku Tenshi's Cafe Doujinshi Latte.[4]


  • "Lovely book, partially based on canon. Ron and Harry are crushing on each other. Hermione gets frustrated because she is stuck in the middle. She angrily confronts Draco and finds out that he likes Harry too! Some Fred and George. Harry and Draco talk while falling off a building. Some pages of text. I would be willing to consider selling or trading this one."[5]
  • "Aku-tenshi only scanlated Part A, so I've only read Part A. Well, finally [a doujinshi] with some shounen-ai/slash element. Comprised of several short manga, there's not much of a story per se, a cute Harry/Ron with a dash of Draco/Harry thrown in for good measures. Not really my thing, but anyway. The art is on the cute side."[6]



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