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Name: Mad Dummy (Glad Dummy, Mad Mew Mew)
Occupation: training dummy
Relationships: Napstablook (cousin), Mettaton (cousin), Undyne (training partner, unrequited crush)
Fandom: Undertale
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Mad Dummy is a character from Undertale.

Canon Overview

In Undertale

Mad Dummy is the midboss of the Waterfall area, encountered after Frisk falls into the garbage dump. They attack Frisk in order to avenge their cousin, the training dummy from the Ruins, who met with some minor or major misfortune based on the player's actions. Unlike Mettaton in his final boss battle, they are completely invulnerable to attack because they have not completely fused with their body. On a Neutral or Pacifist route their battle lasts until an accidental interruption from Napstablook, after which they can be found near Undyne's house, revealing that they are her training dummy.

In a No Mercy route, their rage at the player finally helps them fuse with their body, and they are so distracted by their joy that they decide to let the player go. If spared, the No Mercy route will revert to Neutral here.

Exclusive to the Nintendo Switch version of Undertale, Mad Dummy has a second secret boss fight as "Mad Mew Mew", accessible via the Dog Shrine once the CORE has been cleared. While wandering through the True Lab, she discovers Alphys' life-sized Mew Mew Kissy Cutie statue and decides to take it as her new body, knowing it was the right one for her. She enlists Frisk's "help" in fusing with the body via combat but is unable to do so via anger and tries to do so through positive emotions instead. Unpracticed with emotions such as love, Mad Mew Mew requires a demonstration from the player, who can then spare her or break her new body. If spared, she realizes that fusing with her new body will take time but decides to commit to working towards it; if broken she is not killed, as she had not fully fused with the body yet.

She can appear wearing one of three different outfits[1].

Her check text contains a reference to the freeze-frame joke[2] from the PS4 trailer that Toby pointed out to fans on Twitter, with some of the ruder language censored out.

In the Xbox version of Undertale, Mad Mew Mew appears as a worker in the secret casino and will chat with the player about various topics based on how many items have been unlocked in the room.

While Mad Dummy is referred to with they pronouns during their main story fight, upon assuming the Mad Mew Mew form she begins using she/her pronouns instead and referring to herself as a girl.

In Deltarune

Mad Dummy has a small cameo in chapter 2 of Deltarune, and is revealed to be living with Mettaton and Napstablook. Like Mettaton, they will not leave the house and only interact with Kris through the door.


Prior to the Switch release, fans sometimes designed robot bodies for Mad Dummy in the vein of Mettaton and AU versions of Napstablook. These designs were generally made very masculine because of Mad Dummy's aggressive personality, despite that Mad Dummy expresses interest in feminine things in their canon dialogue (such as delicate handkerchiefs and becoming a storefront mannequin in a fancy shop on the surface).

So far, fans generally draw Mad Mew Mew with Temmie's design used in the Undertale Switch trailer rather than her outfit variations.

Fan Theories

Mad Dummy is thought by some fans to have inspiration from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, the same as Mettaton, because of their habit of repeating insults three times ("Useless. Useless! USELESS!"), similar to the famous line 無駄無駄無駄! from that series.

Mad Dummy's explanation of how ghosts fusing with their bodies work is sometimes used for theorizing about how Chara's attachment to Frisk might work.

It has been observed that the Mad Mew Mew encounter encapsulates Undertale on a small scale, both in the sense of the player choosing between LOVE and love, and an impressionable character waiting to learn from the player's actions.

Mad Dummy's refusal to leave the house in Deltarune is theorized by some fans to be because, like Mettaton, they are still bodiless in Deltarune's world.

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