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Name: Alphys
Occupation: Royal Scientist
Title/Rank: Doctor
Status: Varies based on route
Relationships: Undyne (crush), Asgore Dreemurr (boss, crush), Mettaton (friend, "creation")
Fandom: Undertale
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Alphys is a major character from Undertale.

Canon Overview

Alphys is a character who first appears in the Hotland area. She is the Royal Scientist, and has been observing Frisk's journey through the Underground over security cameras; she claims to have grown fond of them while watching them and offers to guide them through the area, upgrading their phone and signing them up for the local social networking service so that they repeatedly receive notifications from her as well as her phone calls throughout their journey.

She helps Frisk deal with the various challenges set out by Mettaton, who she claims has gone berserk after she made a mistake upgrading him to help fight humans; Mettaton later reveals that this was all an act set up by the two of them so that Alphys could convince Frisk that she is a good person and a competent helper, befriend them, and convince them to stay in the Underground. This act falls through when Mettaton goes off-script, and Alphys tells Frisk the truth, that they will not be able to get through the Barrier without taking a monster soul. In all Neutral endings where either Undyne or Mettaton die, she is strongly implied to kill herself.

In the Genocide/No Mercy route, Alphys does not appear directly at all, but other monsters explain that she has taken charge and evacuated all remaining monsters to a safe place. Failing to fulfill the kill counts in Hotland or the Core is the only way to get a Neutral ending where Alphys survives despite Undyne and Mettaton's deaths.

Alphys' past and her relationship with Undyne both have a major focus in the Pacifist Route-exclusive events, and the player finds out why she is so self-negative and anxious. She and Undyne become an official couple at the end of the game, and they are seen together at the beach during the end credits.

Alphys is portrayed as an anime nerd and a fan of the fictional show Mew Mew Kissy Cutie. She is depicted as taking part in many fannish behaviors in the story.


Fan Theories

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Common Pairings


Alphys' sexuality is often the subject of fan wank; while she currently has romantic feelings for Undyne and winds up together with her at the end of the game, she is also depicted as having or once having had a crush on Asgore Dreemurr as well, as discussed by Mettaton in his quiz show or her old friends Bratty and Catty. Some fans claim her as a lesbian character who only thought she had a crush on Asgore due to compulsory heterosexuality, while others claim her as bisexual and see the opposing opinion as biphobia.

Fans of Alphys also tend to have a distaste for fan content where Sans is depicted as secretly a brilliant scientist, as this can sometimes overshadow Alphys' canonical accomplishments. Her fans complain of her being an underappreciated character in general, overshadowed by male cast members and by Undyne.




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