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Name: Undyne
Occupation: Captain of the Royal Guard
Relationships: Papyrus (friend), Asgore Dreemurr (mentor), Alphys (crush), Mad Dummy (training dummy)
Fandom: Undertale, Deltarune
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Undyne is a major character from Undertale. She also has a minor appearance in Deltarune.

Canon Overview

In Undertale

Undyne is the final boss of the Waterfall area, and the first character who tries to kill Frisk in earnest. She appears to chase them multiple times throughout the area, and finally confronts them from atop a crag at the entrance to Hotland, explaining that the monsters need seven human souls to break the Barrier and be free, and that Frisk's soul is the final one they need for Asgore Dreemurr to become a god and get revenge on humanity. She is supposed to tell Frisk the monsters' tale (presumably either their exile from the Surface, or the story of Asriel Dreemurr and why Asgore declared war on humans), but forgets her speech and attacks Frisk anyway. The contents of her monologue change depending on whether the player has killed certain monsters from Waterfall or the Royal Guard, killed any monsters at all, and whether the player has befriended Undyne previously.

If spared, Undyne can only be befriended if the player has never killed any monsters, if they help her at the end of her chase sequence, and if the player has already befriended Papyrus. Otherwise she refuses to make friends with Frisk. If she is befriended, the player becomes able to call her and Papyrus at the same time.

On a Neutral route, Undyne is famous for having an especially gruesome death, as she tries to hold her body together by sheer willpower and defeat Frisk but slowly melts instead. In Neutral endings where she survives, she is one of the potential candidates to take over leadership of the Underground, and becomes the new Empress, planning to wage war on humanity, if Toriel is dead or has been rejected by the populace due to the player increasing anti-human sentiment by killing many monsters. However, if Undyne was befriended and then the player kills monsters afterwards or if Alphys dies, she blames herself and falls into a deep depression instead of planning revenge on humanity.

In the Genocide/No Mercy route, she shields Monster Kid from being killed by the player, but instead of dying instantly or melting, her body reforms from "the power of everyone's hearts beating as one" and she is fought as Undyne the Undying, a boss unique to this route. She is the only monster in this route who cannot be killed in one hit.

Undyne's relationship with Alphys comes into greater focus in the Pacifist Route-exclusive events, and the two of them become an official couple at the end of the game. During the end credits, they are seen together at the beach.

In Deltarune

Undyne has a minor appearance in Deltarune as a police officer. While she is still friends with Asgore, this version of her has somehow never met Alphys, and still has both eyes. She complains of how boring her job is because nothing happens in Hometown, and expresses a desire for some sort of crisis to happen so she can solve it.


Fan Theories

There are several different theories as to how Undyne lost her eye. Some depict her as having lost the eye in battle against one of the previous humans or in a training accident, some depict her as having been born with only one eye, and some depict her eye having melted from DT poisoning, as Undyne's extraordinary determination for a monster is portrayed during her death and in the No Mercy route.

Undyne's internet handle is "strongfish91". If the "91" comes from her year of birth, that would suggest that she is between 19 and 28 years old, as Undertale takes place in the year 211X.

Common Pairings


Undyne is generally interpreted by fans as a lesbian character, so pairing her with any male character tends to kick off shipping wank and accusations of dequeering.

The headcanon that Undyne is not missing an eye and only wears her eyepatch to look cool also tends to be met with outcry, especially from fans who are attached to the portrayal of Undyne as disabled.




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