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Title: MacGyverisms
Publisher: Golden Lily Press
Editor(s): Jeanne R. Weselinski
Jeanne R. Gold
Date(s): 1992-1999
Medium: print
Fandom: MacGyver
Language: English
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MacGyverisms is a gen MacGyver anthology edited by Jeanne R. Weselinski and Jeanne R. Gold.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1, this art also appeared in Rerun #8
1991 flyer, printed in Below the Surface #4, click to enlarge

MacGyverisms 1 was published in 1992 and contains 150 pages. It was edited by Jeanne R. Weselinski. Cover art is by Doranna Durgin. Interior art is by Doranna Durgin, Phyllis Savacool, Denise Loague, Glenda Young, and Karen Pauli.

  • Best Laid Plans by Laura Zipkin-MacGyver's in a bit of a snit. Could it be due to some uninvited guests? (9 pages)
  • Self Destruction by Glenda Young (2 pages)
  • Spirit Of The Law by Gillian Holt--Manny Lopez has stood trial, but now he's a marked man. Can Mac save his friend's life? Reprinted in The Quicksilver and the Black and Black Ops #6. (18 pages)
  • Ice Cream by Glenda Young--Poem.
  • On the Job Hazards by Nancy and Doranna Durgin--A rundown of the injuries MacGyver has survived over the course of the series. (3 pages)
  • Laying Old Ghosts to Rest by Regenia Marracino (10 pages)
  • An Ouch Of Prevention by Elaine and Anne Batterby--Why has Sam Beckett leaped into MacGyver??? (5 pages) (Crossover with Quantum Leap)
  • Another Fine Mess by Glenda Young--A tag to "On a Wing and a Prayer". (2 pages)
  • Being a Friend by Anne Batterby-Poem.
  • Comfort by Glenda Young--After a long assignment, Mac is glad to be home. But he didn't count on having a house guest... (4 pages)
  • Self Destruction II by Glenda Young (2 pages)
  • Dead Giveaway by Krista Lebednick (21 pages)
  • Colorado Bound by Elaine Batterby--Poem.
  • None So Blind by Glenda Young--A tag to "The Negotiator". (4 pages)
  • A Matter of Pride by Karen Pauli (3 pages)
  • Faltering Steps by Laura Zipkin--MacGyver isolates himself as he tries desperately to cope with the death of his grandfather. (8 pages)
  • Winter Sorrow by Glenda Young (1 page)
  • He Did It Again by William Cooper (15 pages)
  • MacGyver At Home by Karen Pauli-Floor plans of MacGyver's various homes. (6 pages)
  • Desert Rats by Jeanne Weselinski--Once again MacGyver subjects himself to Dalton Air. But crash landing in the middle of the desert is only the beginning of their troubles. (19 pages)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

Doranna Durgin's pencil cover is elegant. Although she's used a pose from a publicity still, it's well-executed and, combined with a simple background that balances it nicely, it becomes an interesting and affecting composition. Her interior art is also quite good. "Elegant" also describes some of Phyllis Savacool's interior work. Her style is sparse, rough-edged in spots, but effective. Her likenesses are good, and, although these are simple portraits, they're not run-of-the-mill poses, and they do complement the stories they accompany. The other art in the zine, while not outstanding, is not bad, either (and remember, I'm awfully picky about this stuff), and gives clear evidence that the artists are exploring techniques and styles, and striving for more than mere portraits, even though they may not always succeed. MaGyverisms is comb-bound, which makes it easy to read at the lunch table. An attractive and readable typeface, clean, crisp print job, and neat, workmanlike layout, combined with Doranna's superb cover, make this an appealing package. In the next issue, a bit more attention should be paid to catching typos. Also, a couple of pages were out of order in my copy (which gave me a sympathetic twinge after my experience with the editorial in the last issue of Wanna Buy.). However, overall, this is a zine that was created by people who clearly cared about it and made an honest effort to do it well. Writing this review was difficult for me. (I foundmyself wishing for a real-life Mac to make it work, with duct tape and imagination; unfortunately, my p.c.'s an IBM-clone, so they're not compatible). Perhaps because my response to MaGyverisms is primarily on an emotional, not intellectual, level, it's hard for me to evaluate it analytically. I'll admit that, while I would highly recommend this zine to a MacGyver fan (probably to the point of being pushy and disgustingly gushy), I doubt that someone unfamiliar with the series would find it entertaining. Much of its charm lies in its evocation of what we've seen in the series. But, while my head tells me it should be rated a respectable three trees, my heart insists that four's the correct choice. The heart wins. [1]

Issue 2

cover of issue #2
flyer for issue #2

MacGyverisms 2 was published in 1994 and contains 166 pages. It was edited by Jeanne R. Gold.

  • Birds Do It by Eileen M. Jaecks--Just why is MacGyver afraid of heights? (7 pages)
  • Silent Dreams by Jane Freitag--MacGyver calls on Carrie Linden to help him interpret a strange dream. (10 pages)
  • Discovery by Melissa Mastoris--Poem.
  • A Learning Experience by Laura Zipkin--MacGyver learns an important lesson from a surprising teacher. (20 pages)
  • Stubborn by Joan Hoffman--Poem.
  • The Challenge Conquered by Jane Freitag (2 pages)
  • Onus by Glenda Young (3 pages)
  • Con Job by Karen Pauli (20 pages)
  • Boyhood Dreams by Melissa Mastoris--Poem.
  • Intermezzo by Jane Freitag (4 pages)
  • Reactions by Laura Zipkin (9 pages)
  • Best of Friends by Glenda Young--How Jack and MacGyver met Mike Forrester. (8 pages)
  • Duality by Jane Freitag--Poem.
  • Pictures by Jane Freitag (3 pages)
  • Skin Deep by Joan Hoffman (2 pages)
  • Friendship by Melissa Mastoris--Poem.
  • Rescue By Committee by The MacGyver Imprompty Party. Murdoc's back...and boy is he mad! (11 pages)
  • Final Regret by Glenda Young (23 pages)
  • The Difference by Jane Freitag--Poem.
  • Reflections by Karen Pauli--As MacGyver helps brace the Challengers Club against escalating L.A. riots, he can't help but worry about Sam--who's right in the middle of it all. (22 pages)

Issue 3

MacGyverisms 3 was published in 1996 and contains 177 pages. It was edited by Jeanne R. Gold.

cover of issue #3, Doranna Durgin
  • Memories by Pauline Yea--Pete sends MacGyver to Vietnam to retrieve a journalist with important--and dangerous--information. (5)
  • Strangers by Melissa Mastoris--Poem. (15)
  • Someone to Watch Over Her by Jean Lauderback--When MacGyver goes out to search for a missing autistic schoolgirl, he winds up trapped underground with her. (17)
  • Decisions, Decisions by Ruth Morgan--A close call for Jack Dalton leads MacGyver to start thinking about marriage with Penny Parker. (33)
  • Gifts of Time, Bonds of Fervor by Krista Lebednick--When Sam is badly injured trying to get the story on a murderous cult, MacGyver takes care of his son while Jack Dalton and DXS operative Craig Bannister finish the investigation. (43)
  • Risks Worth Taking by Margaret Krupp (71)
  • The Valley by Jane Chase--MacGyver has to protect an archaeologist who's discovered important artifacts on land that a corporation wants to develop. (73)
  • The Jack Dalton Guarantee by Melissa Mastoris (90)
  • What Becky Saw by Becky Schie-- In an AU where MacGyver is the guardian for his orphaned niece, things get dangerous when she accidentally witnesses a mob hit. Can he keep her safe from the assassins after her until she testifies? (93)
  • A MacGyver Bibliography by Karen Pauli (111)
  • Hopeless Romantic by Jane Freitag (118)
  • Humanity, Pt. 2 by Jean Lauderback--Alternate ending to the episode "Humanity". (121)
  • Mission City Memories by Melissa Mastoris (151)
  • To Thine Own Self by Doranna Durgin 153 (reprinted from Rerun #9)


  • Doranna Durgin (front cover)
  • Janine Hickman
  • Ruth Morgan
  • Karen Pauli
  • Denise Loague

Issue 4

cover of issue #4

MacGyverisms 4 was published in 1999, and has 116 pages. It was edited by Jeanne R. Gold.

  • Editorial (3)
  • The Last Gasp by Jane Chase (5)
  • No Place Like Home by Star Urioste (9)
  • Farewell by Melissa Mastoris (13)
  • Girl Trouble by Pauline Yea (15)
  • Nothing Ventured by Star Urioste (23)
  • The Life That I Have Chosen by Jane Chase (25)
  • A Dark Tale by Star Urioste (27)
  • A Helping Hand by Melissa Mastoris (32)
  • Depth Perception by Star Urioste (33)
  • Thicker Than Water by Julie Kramer (37)
  • Mary by Star Urioste (39)
  • A Guide Through The Darkness by Pauline Yea (43)
  • All Night Long by Star Urioste (49)
  • Hopeless Romantic: Going Deeper by Jane Chase (51)
  • Safe by Star Urioste (57)
  • The Encounter by Star Urioste (59)
  • Father And Son by Melissa Mastoris (620
  • The Pack by Star Urioste (64)
  • The Phoenix Papers by Star Urioste (65)


  1. ^ from a much longer review by Marty Siegrist in Psst... Hey Kid, Wanna Buy a Fanzine? #4 The reviewer gives it "4 trees." The reviewers in "Psst... Hey Kid, Wanna Buy a Fanzine?" rated zines on a 1-5 tree/star scale.