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The following is a sortable list of podcasts pertaining to Harry Potter fandom. Much of the list was taken from this 2007 post of 77 podcasts that a fan had subscribed to.[1]

Name Dates active Focus
AlleyCast (link)
Astronomy Tower Hour (link)
Fanatical Fics and Where to Find Them (link)
FictionCast (link)
Flipendo 2016-present Three lifelong friends talking, laughing and theorizing about Harry Potter while competing for points in the House Cup (link)
Harmony Podcast (link)
Harry Potter Prognostications (link)
Hog's Head Pubcast (link)
MuggleCast 2005-present Staff from Mugglenet discuss the latest Harry Potter news and host dialogues with fans and interviews with individuals directly involved in the Harry Potter media universe (link)
LeakyMug 2005 Occasional joint productions from the hosts of MuggleCast and PotterCast (link)
PhoenixCast (link)
PotterCast 2005-present Staff from The Leaky Cauldron and guests discuss Harry Potter books, movies, and related media content (link)
PotterFicWeekly Fanfiction (link)
Radio Patrono (link)
The Petulant Podcast (link)
The Quidditch Pitch (link)
Slashcast 2006-2007, 2011-present Slash; is multifandom as of 2011
Snapecast 2006-present Severus Snape
Sneepcast (Dutch) (link)
The Sorting Podcast 2016-present multifandom (link)
SpellCast 2006-2010? news, fanfiction, con reports, etc.
SpinnersCast (link)
WeasleyCast (link)
By The Muggles - For the Muggles
Dumbledore's Army Podcast
Dumbledores Studies
Dumbledores Army
Emma Watson Empire Podcast
Fangirlin - Official Podcast of
FilkCast: Potter Style
FlooCast: Harry Potter Podcast
Harry Pony!
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Harry Potter and the Sacred Text
Harry Potter News Podcast
Harry Potter Rocks
Hogwarts Confidential
Hogwarts Unity
hp detectives
HP Dorkcast
HP Horcast
Leaky Fan Cast
Marauding the Map
MCFCC: The MuggleCast FanChat Cast
Overflowing Pensieves
Potter Phreak
Quaffle Talk
Remembrall Live
Scholastic Harry Potter Podcast
SnitchSeeker Weekly
Speaking Harry Potter Every Week
Spinner's End
Sword of Gryffindor :: Hog's Head PubCast
A Tale of Two Siblings: Harry Potter Edition 2016-present Sister and brother, one unspoiled and one re-reading (link) On Air
The DA-Cast
The Daily Prophet: Muggle Edition
The Daily Quibbler On Air
The Podcast That Must Not Be Named!
The Potter Report
The Secrets of Harry Potter
The Sorting Hat
The Witching Hour
The WRock Club Recordings
There and Back to Hogwarts
TheSnitch.Co.Uk Pod Cast
Witch Please 2015-present Two lady scholars discussing the Harry Potter Universe (link)
Wizard Cast: A Potter Podcast
Wizard News Radio
'Wizard People': The Underground 'Potter' 09 April 2005 An unauthorized, alternative soundtrack to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
Wizarding Wireless
Wizards Wireless
Yer a Wizard, Harry 2016-present Book Club re-reading the series (link)