Lies, Cheats and Steele

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Title: Lies, Cheats and Steele
Publisher: Star Borne Press
Date(s): 1997-1998
Medium: print
Genre: het and gen
Fandom: Remington Steele
Language: English
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Lies, Cheats and Steele is a het Remington Steele anthology edited by Margaret A. Basta.

Issue 1

Lies, Cheats and Steele 1 was published in 1997 and contains 120 pages.

front cover of #1

It includes 20 pages of musical scores.

This zine was published to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Remington Steele & the 11th (Steele) anniversary of the tuna boat wedding.

From the editorial:

In 1982, a truly delightful romantic comedy premiered on NBC. All of the other attempts at romantic comedy since then, have been pale imitations. (Moonlighting, Murphy's Law, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, etc) I still maintain that License to Steele is one of the best pilots I've ever seen. Anyway, RS was the reason why I started writing fiction. Up until then, I'd done nothing but write editorials, articles and edit zines. RS convinced me to risk the slings and arrows of fannish opinion with my writings and I will admit, some of my earlier efforts could be called purple prose. (And fushia... and aubergine...and popsicle pink...etc.) Network, a group of 20 or so die-hard RS fans who wrote and passed amongst ourselves lots of fiction, literally thousands of pages worth of stories. But these stories were never ever formally published in a fanzine. (Today they'd have probably ended up on the internet). I have considerably rewritten my three stories so that the events somewhat coincide with what actually happened on the screen. I do recommend that you watch the final six hours, if you haven't seen them recently before you read GAPS. I give a brief summation of the plot in the story itself, but a lot of the niggling inconsistencies won't be apparent unless you refresh your memories. The final story ends with my favorite pair of twins from all of the alternate universes that I created, Nickie & Nora. If this zine actually sells, I may revive some of those other stories.
  • Babble On, editorial
  • Remington's Steele (1)
  • Steele Borne (19)
  • Steeling the Gaps (32)
  • Steele Present & Accounted For (80)
  • Episode Guide (83)
  • The Music Scored for Piano, including: (85)
    • The Theme From Remington Steele by Henry Mancini
    • "007" theme from Steele Away With Me
    • Love theme from Red Holt Steele
    • "Twins" & "Roxy's Waltz" from My Fair Steele
    • "QE2 Jewel Thief" & "Him!" from To Catch A Steele
    • "Sheldon Quarry's Waltz" from Signed, Steeled & Delivered
    • "Variation II" from Forged Steele
    • "Variation I" from Steele of Approval
    • "Sisters" from Steele In the Spotlight
    • Theme For Laura by Henry Mancini
    • two themes from The Manions of America
    • "An Irish Welcome" from Steeled With A Kiss

Issue 2

Lies, Cheats and Steele 2 was published in May 1998 and contains over 200 pages.

  • Steele on My Mind, a novella by Margaret Basta
  • Nightmares of Steele by Debra Talley
  • Steeling a New Life by Thekla Kurth
  • other unknown content