Let Go and Watch the Sunlight Bend

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Title: Let Go and Watch the Sunlight Bend
Author(s): cherrybina
Date(s): 06 January 2010
Length: 15,500 words
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Merlin
External Links: Let Go and Watch the Sunlight Bend (camelotsolstice)
Let Go and Watch the Sunlight Bend (LiveJournal)
Let Go and Watch the Sunlight Bend (AO3)

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Let Go and Watch the Sunlight Bend is a Merlin/Arthur story by cherrybina (~15,500 words). It was one of the fandom favorites that came out of the 2009 camelotsolstice gift exchange and was written for manisseta.

Summary: It's the hottest summer in Camelot's history. Arthur is confused about what he likes, Merlin tries to help him figure it out, but neither one of them has a clue what they really want.

The story features virgin!Arthur and deals with Arthur coming to terms with his sexuality. Merlin helps him realize that he is attracted to men, maybe even one of his knights, but when Arthur really looks at what he wants he finds that his feelings for Merlin are even stronger.

The author later wrote a 1,700 word sequel that was posted May 26, 2010: In Pursuit of Perfection.

Summary: Merlin had realised a long time ago that Arthur really is disgustingly good at everything he does, so it's no surprise at all when he learns firsthand that despite a late start, Arthur is rather brilliant at sex.

Recs and Reviews

In the heat of the summer, Arthur gets very excited after training with his knights. Sir Leon has caught his eye and Arthur is not sure what to do. More accurately, he has no idea what to do. Merlin, who had a few tumbles back in Ealdor, tries to encourage him. But the more they talk, the more Arthur’s interest seems to shift to Merlin. And then, they have a tumble together ^^ Kind of adorable story, though it has a slow start. The thing with Leon takes just too long for my liking. And there is a scene with Morgana, that could have been expanded a little more but the story still works. Also, it has a sexually clueless Arthur which is just too cute ^^ But we got a hot making out session :D[1]


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