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Name: Margaret
Alias(es): Legendarytobes, tobywolf13
Type: fic writer
Fandoms: Smallville, Buffyverse, Teen Wolf
Communities: Lightning Strikes, absolut_chloe, secret_chlark
URL: Fic archive at svtometropolis.com (defunct)
Profile at Two of Us,
Profile at AO3,
Profile at FFN,
Old profile (defunct) & new profile at LJ
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Legendarytobes is a fic writer in the Smallville and Buffyverse fandoms.

Originally known under the tobywolf13 name in the Smallville fandom, she was known for mainly writing Chloe/Clark stories although she also did some Chloe/Bart and Chloe/Kara works. In the Buffyverse fandom, she mainly wrote for Spuffy and Dawn-centric works.

Notable Fanworks