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Title: Puppyville
Author(s): Tobywolf13
Date(s): 2008?
Genre: Ratings vary from PG-NC-17, Crack, adventure, humor, friendship, romance, fluff, angst, au, rpf
Fandom: Smallville, CW RPF
External Links: Series via Wayback
features Clark & Kara in the banner.

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Puppyville is a series of 14 interconnecting Chloe/Clark & Kara/Jimmy fics by Tobywolf13. Also contains Allison Mack/Tom Welling, Martha/Lionel.

The fic has since been deleted or gone offline.


Clark turns into a cocker spaniel on occasion and wackiness ensues. No really.

Comments & Reactions

"I... I don't even know how to explain this series or how completely awesome it is. I know, I know, Superman turns into a cocker spaniel and dimension hops and there's RPF involving Allison Mack and Tom Welling (among others) and there are (eventually) puppies, but. You guys. This is one of the most expansive, funny, and wonderful universes to come out of the Smallville fandom. Not only does the author take all those disparate threads and make them work, she does it with flare and talent. I honestly prefer this universe (and, if you poke around the links on that page, the Unexpected universe - the one where Lana gets Clark pregnant and NO I am NOT making that up) 1000x better than current Smallville canon. I mean, dude. If nothing else, come for the crack, stay for the awesome!"[1]


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