Layla Hassan

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Name: Layla Hassan
Occupation: Assassin
Fandom: Assassin's Creed
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Layla Hassan is the modern-day protagonist of Assassin's Creed: Origins and Assassin's Creed: Odyssey. She is voiced by Chantel Riley, who also played Kate in Wynonna Earp.


Born in Cairo in 1984 to parents Ashraf and Zeniab Hassan, Layla and her family emigrated to the United States at some point prior to 1989, before finally settling in Queens, New York. It was there that Layla grew up alongside her two younger brothers, Rami and Kaden. She was granted American citizenship through naturalization, and later attended UC Berkeley, but eventually dropped out. Layla was hired by Sofia Rikkin in 2006 through Abstergo Industries' Young Innovators Program. Over the years, Abstergo used several of her ideas to make adjustments to the Animus, though she was never told of the company's Templar affiliations.

In 2017 Layla and her co-worker and best friend, Deanna Geary, were assigned to find and retrieve an important historical artifact from the Qattara Depression in Egypt. During this expedition, Layla found the mummies of the ancient Assassins Bayek and Aya. Without informing her superiors, she used her own portable Animus to relive their memories from around the year 48 BCE in order to prove her worth to the Animus Project.

Layla's refusal to check in with Abstergo led to the company deploying a Sigma Team to find her and Deanna. While Deanna was assaulted in her hotel, Layla made use of the skills she'd obtained through the Bleeding Effect to dispatch her attackers. Eventually William Miles, Mentor of the Assassins, caught wind of her situation, located her, and offered her a position with the Brotherhood. Faced with no other option, Layla agreed to work with him.

A year later, Layla was a full-fledged Assassin and leader of her own team. While holed up in a London hideout, she used DNA found on an ancient spear to research the memories of Kassandra, an important proto-Assassin.


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Layla's appearance as modern-day protagonist was heralded by some as a step forward for diversity.[1]

Layla is commonly shipped with Deanna Geary or Victoria Bibeau.

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