Laura Hollis/Carmilla Karnstein

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Pairing: Laura Hollis/Carmilla Karnstein
Alternative name(s): Hollstein, Stars and Candles
Gender category: femslash, f/f
Fandom: Carmilla (web series)
Canonical?: canon
Prevalence: very popular
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Laura/Carmilla, also known as Hollstein, is a popular canon femslash pairing in the Carmilla fandom.


Laura and Carmilla initially had an antagonistic relationship, Laura's idealistic and adventurous nature clashing with Carmilla's laid-back personality. Their shared plight during the course of their first semester together led them to become friends and eventually lovers. They had rough parts to their relationship following this, however, and it culminated with their breakup after they were unable to resolve their differences amicably. Despite this fracturing of their relationship, Laura was still willing to save Carmilla by killing Vordenberg, an act which forced them to go on the run.

Later, having having worked through their relationship troubles, while preparing for the upcoming confrontation with The Dean, Laura admits her true feelings to Carmilla and they resume their romantic relationship. Laura ultimately sacrifices herself to defeat The Dean, freeing the latter from her torment. Carmilla demanded to join her in death, and was subsequently challenged by the Death Goddess, Ereshkigal, in a game of riddles, which she won, resulting in Laura being resurrected. Following Carmilla's restoration to life, the two of them depart the campus, and five years later are shown to still be in a loving relationship with one another.[1]


In 2015, Hollstein was number 10 in most reblogged ships on Tumblr.[2] In 2016, Laura/Carmilla was the third most written ship for femslash pairings on AO3.[3] Within the fandom itself, Hollstein is the dominant pairing.

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