Laisa Toscane Vorbarra

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Name: Laisa Toscane Vorbarra
Occupation: businesswoman, empress
Relationships: Gregor Vorbarra (husband), Duv Galeni (ex-boyfriend)
Fandom: Vorkosigan Saga
Other: Laisa on the Vorkosigan Wiki
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Laisa Toscane Vorbarra is a secondary character in the Vorkosigan series by Lois McMaster Bujold. She is a PhD-educated Komarran heiress – one of those Toscanes – who ditches fellow Komarran Duv Galeni to marry Gregor Vorbarra and become the Empress of Barrayar. A plump & petite beauty, she is the antithesis of the tall, slender Vor women that Alys Vorpatril has aimed at Gregor.


The introduction of the Gregor/Laisa pairing in Memory was well received, and pre-dates the popularity of slash pairings involving Gregor (mainly Miles/Gregor). The relationship is well liked and generates some fannish activity, but overall Laisa is not a particularly frequent character in fanworks. Laisa-centric fanfiction often deals with her relationship with Gregor, and her adjustment to the role of empress, as well as to life on Barrayar, for example describing her first meeting with Barrayaran characters.

Although she has a backstory with Duv Galeni, it is rarely addressed in fanworks. She is only rarely paired with him or any character other than Gregor; little or no femslash exists. Little if any fanfiction explores her childhood on Komarr.

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