Gregor Vorbarra

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Name: Gregor Vorbarra
Occupation: Emperor
Relationships: Laisa Toscane Vorbarra (wife), Serg & Kareen Vorbarra (parents), Ezar Vorbarra (grandfather), Aral & Cordelia Vorkosigan (foster parents), Miles Vorkosigan (cousin), Ivan Vorpatril (cousin), Drou Droushnakovi (bodyguard-cum-nurse), Cavilo (lover)
Fandom: Vorkosigan Saga
Other: Gregor Vorbarra on the Vorkosigan Wiki
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Gregor Vorbarra is a major character in the Vorkosigan series by Lois McMaster Bujold. He is the Emperor of Barrayar, Komarr & Sergyar. The character is introduced in Barrayar as a child, and has important roles in The Warrior's Apprentice, The Vor Game & Memory.


Gregor comes in for canonical angst by the truckload – orphaned at an early age, isolated by his role as emperor & initiated sexually by a psychopath – making him a relatively popular character in fanworks.[1] His angst over his father's monstrous character, his canonical suicide attempt, and the possibility that he might become insane are popular topics for fanfiction. One scenario that is often explored is him asking Aral or Cordelia to tell him the truth about his father. Gregor is also frequently written as a child, sometimes featuring his toy, Steggie. Other gen fanfiction explores his relationships with Aral, Cordelia, Simon Illyan and others, often focusing on the conflict between the person & the emperor. Dark AUs are sometimes written in which Serg survives, as well as AUs in which Gregor turns his back on the Imperium,[2] and there are a few dark-Gregor works. In some stories, Cavilo has a child she claims to be Gregor's.

His canonical relationship with the Komarran heiress Laisa Toscane (Gregor/Laisa) is fairly popular and gets fluffy fanfiction, as well as darker stories that address Serg, Kareen's death or his history with Cavilo. In one of the series' most common m/m slash pairings, Gregor is paired with Miles, especially after the influential A Deeper Season series. Other pairings are relatively rare.

Authors known for their Gregor portrayals include Avanti_90, Dira Sudis & Molly (Merryish). Although Vorkosigan fan art is rare, Gregor is a relatively popular subject. He has been depicted in scenes from Barrayar & The Vor Game, and with Kareen & others. No particular fan casting for the basis dominates.

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  2. ^ An example is Three Men Who Never Left Barrayar by Gisho (2008)