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Name: Countess Alcina Dimitrescu (オルチーナ・ドミトレスク, Oruchīna Domitoresuku)
Occupation: Countess; wine entrepreneur; jazz singer (formerly)
Relationships: Bella, Cassandra, and Daniela Dimitrescu (daughters);
Fandom: Resident Evil Village
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Countess Alcina Dimitrescu (オルチーナ・ドミトレスク, Oruchīna Domitoresuku), often referred to as Lady Dimitrescu is one of the villainous bosses in Resident Evil Village.[note 1] She is also known by as Hot 9-Foot-Tall Vampire Lady and other such nicknames by fans. The character rapidly, unexpectedly, and widely became a viral sensation among netizens around the world, established Resident Evil fans and otherwise.

Canon background

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Lady Dimitrescu is evil and she's keeping moldy baby parts in a jar. She is a mom and her daughters are made of bugs.

She thinks she's real slick calling her red wine label "Maiden's Blood" or whatever but she's not. Although contrary to the popular belief among those who are not actually familiar with Resident Evil's story, Dimitrescu technically isn't even a vampire. Ballin' indeed.

Reception and meta

Lady Dimitrescu elicited very positive reception from audiences upon her initial reveal in a 2020 promotional trailer for Resident Evil Village, and for her appearance in the PlayStation 5-exclusive demo Maiden released on 21 January 2021.[1] Screenshots, fan art, cosplay, and memes featuring Dimitrescu engulfed online communities like wildfire.

By February 2021, [Tomonori Takano, the art director for Resident Evil Village] publicly acknowledged what he later described as an unexpectedly enthusiastic response to the character.[2][3][4] Even though Village was scheduled for launch on May 7, 2021, Dimitrescu's surge in popularity in early 2021 led to a significant proliferation of fan exploration of the character's concepts [pre-release] through fan art;[5][6] received a fan-made action-figure commercial,[7][8] cosplay activities by notable individuals such as women's basketball Olympic medalist Yekaterina Lisina;[9] and internet memes, which sometimes involved participation by other video game developers on social media.[10][11][12] Dimitrescu has been the subject of fan mods for video games; examples include a mod for Fallout 4 which recreates her long-sleeved ivory gown to be worn by the player character, or a mod for Village which replaces Dimitrescu's face with that of Thomas the Tank Engine[13][14] [...] In March 2021, Epic Games included Lady Dimitrescu along with [Resident Evil] series protagonists Jill Valentine and Ethan Winters in a list of characters and brands as part of a 2021 survey it distributed to Fortnite players in order to gauge interest in future crossover promotions.[15][16]

Fans have noted that Dimitrescu's vintage fashion taste, tall stature, mature appearance, and monstrous qualities make her unique among "generic" characters considered female beauty icons, which tend to adhere to uniform standards of youthfulness and being nonthreateningly shorter than their male counterparts.

Stop removing Lady Dimitrescu’s wrinkles and stretch marks/scars/blemishes. Stop making her super skinny, because clearly she is not. Stop de-aging Lady Dimitrescu. She is a mature woman and her wrinkles/blemishes are part of her beauty. Literally stop removing those features.[17]

Fanon and tropes


Due to her vampiric qualities, vampire-associated tropes are incorporated into fan works featuring Lady Dimitrescu. This character is also popular among fans of lesbian fiction, due in part to the long association between lesbianism and vampire fiction such as the Gothic novella Carmilla.



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  1. ^ Dimitrescu is meant to be pronounced as Dimitreesk in English, with the final "u" letter being silent.


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