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Journal Community
Name: Kiss Him, Danno
Date(s): 19 December 2010 - 28 April 2013 (last updated)
Moderator: dogeared, sheafrotherdon, siriaeve
Founder: sheafrotherdon
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
Kiss Him, Danno.png

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Kiss Him, Danno (kissemdanno) is a Hawaii Five-0 community on LiveJournal.

1. Festivals of Kissing will occur periodically - the mods will post the start and end date. Please don't post kisses here at other times!

2. One kiss per entry, please! (In the past, folks with slower connections have been unable to load the kissing festivals when the number of comments topped 1000)

3. Please post all kisses to the comm, rather than linking back to a journal.

4. Please put all kisses over 150 words (including header information) behind a cut.

5. Please write new material for your smooch, rather than linking to previously written fic.

6. Clearly indicate if your kiss involves spoilers and put that kiss behind a cut.

7. Please do not, in the commission of your kiss, hate on the female characters of the show. The comm is for positive loving!

8. Picspam, art, and doodles encouraged!

9. Please warn for non-con, dub-con, suicide, and character death. Other warnings are welcome - please use compassion!

The Love

encourage the kissing! leave comments of encouragement for all the kiss writers and illustrators!

The Mod

email me at cate dot writes at gmail dot com if you have questions or concerns!



Stories posted at kissemdanno include: