Room Enough For Two

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Title: Room Enough For Two
Author(s): forcellari
Date(s): 03 August 2011
Length: 480 words
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
External Links: Room Enough For Two (kissemdanno)

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Room Enough For Two is a Steve/Danny story by forcellari.

Recs and Reviews

It's pieces like this that Hawaii has become by squee-ful fandom, a place where my fangirl squeals of delight find a home in the sheer pleasure of ficcage. Steve and Danny in a post coital snuggle. Not a huge epic plot. But oh the love! Two men who don't usual cuddle just deciding to go with the flow and ssssppppoooonnnn.... Yeah, can't you hear the fangirl squee echoing? LOL I could feel the love coming off the screen between these two men, and the visuals in my fangirl brain were a sight to behold. :)[1]


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