Killian Jones & David Nolan

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Gen Relationship
Relationship: Killian Jones & David Nolan
Alternative name(s): Captain Charming, Captain Hook & Prince Charming
Fandom: Once Upon a Time
Type: Friends, Allies, future in-laws[1]
Canonical?: yes
See also: Killian Jones/David Nolan
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Killian & David is the gen relationship of Killian Jones (Captain Hook) and David Nolan (Prince Charming) from the Once Upon a Time fandom.


A large number of Killian/Emma, Killian Jones, and David Nolan fans are a fan of the bromance of Killian and David, which fans nicknamed Captain Charming. Although the pairing is mostly gen, there are some that slash the two together: check out Killian/David.

The fandom behind Captain Charming is mostly on Tumblr, where fans post their headcanons, gifs, picspams and often find other characters/relationships to parallel Captain Charming or themselves.[2][3][4]

According to Captain Charming - A Summary, a few things Captain Charming fans are mainly about:

  • They didn't always get along[5]
  • supportive BFF
  • protective Daddy Charming
  • Secretly Supportive Daddy Charming[6]
  • Captain Charming Floor[7]
  • Substitute Brothers
  • Must Protect his Bro[8]

The actors behind the characters, Colin O'Donoghue and Josh Dallas seem to appear aware of the fans, and are a fan of the relationship themselves[9].


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