Kessel Rundown

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Title: Kessel Rundown
Publisher: Texas Karma Publications
Editor(s): K.E. Tibbets (KES Tibbets)
Date(s): at least 1982 to at least 1984
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Star Wars
Language: English
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Kessel Rundown is a Star Wars fiction, art, and non-fiction anthology. It may contain adult het material.

There were at least five issues, perhaps more.

Special Issue

The zine also had a proposed issue that was likely never published. From an ad in Facets #11 in 1983:
"Bad Karma and Other Fallacies: The Most of Kessel Run" -- Available from K. Sheperd Tibbetts... Comedy SW zine featuring "the best, worst, funniest and most scatological bits" from the zine. 250-300 pages, computer typed and reduced. New contributions accepted.
From an ad in Jundland, Too #1 and Flip of a Coin #3:
Bad Karma: The Most of Kessel Rundown -- aka Kessel Rundown #5, this special full-sized issue of Texas Excess is now scheduled for MediaWest*4. Will feature material by Strother, Wyrick, Medeiros, Braxton, and others. Plus things you won't find on prime-time TV, including Dear Sigmund Droid, Drona Blaritt's Empire and letters to the editors from Pauline Kael and other detoxing psychotics. Contributions of fiction and artwork are still being accepted. SASE to above name and address. Postpaid contributor's copies mailed in plain brown wrappers for your protection.

One Fan Remembers

Her first story was accepted by KES Tibbett's Kessel Rundown a month short of her 14th birthday, a year before Return of the Jedi came out. While the zine had a policy of only accepting stories by people 18 and over, it was as hard then as now to verify the age of fans. Over the next few years she continued to contribute to Kessel Rundown... [1]

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Kessel Rundown was published in 1984 and may have debuted at MediaWest*Con.


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