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Name: KOBA-TV Videos
Date(s): 2000?-2005?
Focus: Vidding
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KOBA-TV Videos is a vidding collective which takes their name from the TV show Earth 2:

What the heck is a "Koba", anyway? It's a little critter from the science fiction TV show Earth 2, that was on NBC in the 1994-95 season. It was a cute, cuddly leather teddy bear with venomous claws that would leave a victim unconscious for three days (see our banner). We adopted it as our mascot, because, like us, it was cute but nasty if provoked.[1]

The collective is made up of husband and wife vidding team Ann Brill White and John White. They make primarily Farscape, Andromeda, and Lord of the Rings music videos and in the early 2000s submitted many of their vids to both fan-run and professionally run conventions. For example, in 2001, Ann submitted a series of videos to the professionally run Far Point convention: " I submitted all three of my DROM videos to the Far Point video show this past weekend. "Be Prepared" and "Weapon of Choice" went over VERY well, but "Luck Be A Lady" didn't. I guess you had to be more aware of the character. "Weapon of Choice" got an Honorable Mention award from the judges for best portrayal of a character. Actually, it tied with a vid for Sisko in that respect. Not only that, but I received several comments about how it made people want to watch DROM. Also, my "Farscape Muppet Show" was judged Audience Favorite and Most Humorous! In our other pursuit, costuming, John and I won the "Most Original" award for our skit "Harry Potter and the Mid-Life Crisis". " [2]

KOBA-TV also writes fan fiction and filksongs, as well as offers reviews of TV shows. From their FAQ

"What is this KOBA-TV thing, anyway? KOBA-TV is the brainchild of Ann and John White, a couple of crazy Earth 2 fans from Laurel, Maryland, USA. KOBA-TV is the official television station of New Pacifica, Planet G889. Ann is the General Manager, and John is the Technical Director. We have one intern, Justine Randt. Our mascot is Maryland J. Koba, which was supposedly the prototype for the WB's Michigan J. Frog. KOBA-TV is also the proud sponsor of New Pacificon 2000.
As far as we know, there is no real U.S. TV or radio station with the callsign KOBA. However, there is a KOB-TV, which is - ironically enough - the NBC affiliate for Albuquerque, NM, where New PacifiCon'96 was held. The real KOB-TV ignored our efforts to get media interest in the convention.
What we do here at KOBA-TV is simple - HUMOR! We write silly stories, filksongs, and other frivolity with an Earth 2 theme. We also poke good-natured fun at NBC, idiot TV executives, sitcoms, and anybody else within range."[3]


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