Jyn Erso

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Name: Jyn Erso
Occupation: Rebel soldier
Fandom: Rogue One, Star Wars
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Jyn Erso is a character in the Star Wars universe, first seen in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.


Rogue One

Jyn is a main character in the movie. The Alliance wants her to help them find her father, Galen Erso and stop the super weapon he helped build. At the beginning of the movie we briefly see Jyn’s mother Lyra Erso, and in the middle we meet another father figure of hers, Saw Gerrera. The Alliance break her out of prison and her and Cassian Andor go on a search for Saw, meeting Bodhi Rook, Chirrut Îmwe, and Baze Malbus on the way.

Rebels Rising

This is a prequel novel to Rogue One, when Jyn was in Saw’s group the Partisans.

Rogue One Novelization

This novelization follows the movie and has additional characterization for the characters.

Forces of Destiny

Jyn appears in three episodes of the animated series Forces of Destiny.


People started posting fanfic with Jyn months before the movie actually came out in December 2016. The trailers were giffed on Tumblr, and then dedicated pages for Jyn and other characters were created, most in 2017.

Common Pairings

Jyn is most commonly paired with Cassian, making up the RebelCaptain ship. Jyn/Bodhi and Jyn/Bodhi/Cassian are rarepairs. Jyn/Leia Organa is a femslash rarepair.

Fanon and Common Tropes in Fanworks

Tropes often seen are Everyone Lives and fix-its— these often have Jyn interacting with Star Wars characters not in Rogue One. Modern AU and College AU’s are also popular.

Example Fanworks


  • Marching Orders by Thistlerose, "I'm against the Empire," said Jyn. "That weapon they're making puts everyone at risk. It needs to be destroyed. That doesn't mean I'm on your side. It doesn't mean I'm one of you.





Jyn Appreciation Week (2017~)

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