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"I've always cherished you."
Gen Relationship
Relationship: Jotaro & Jolyne
Alternative name(s): Dadtaro, Oradad and oradaughter, オラ親子, 空条親子
Fandom: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Stone Ocean
Type: Gen
Canonical?: Yes
Prevalence: Very popular
See also: Dio & Giorno, Kidfic
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Jotaro & Jolyne is the canonical parent-child relationship between father Kūjō Jōtarō and daughter Jolyne Cujoh of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.


Jolyne Cujoh: Jotaro's only child. Jotaro, due to his many excursions, was an absentee father for much of Jolyne's childhood and well into her adolescence. As such, she grew to resent him though at times also craving his attention. His divorce only made matters worse, Jolyne practically disowning him and refusing to mention him until he visited her in prison. Jotaro, however, greatly cherished Jolyne, taking her safety above all else during Stone Ocean and being fully aware of his failures as a father. Eventually they began to patch their relationship up, Jolyne finally understanding why Jotaro was absent constantly and what exactly he was fighting for.[1]

[Jolyne's] distant and near-fatherless childhood bore a tinge of loneliness in her, at times resenting him but also wanting his affection. Her relationship with Jotaro is challenging at first, not really fitting the typical father-daughter mold. When Jolyne was fourteen, she was wrongfully accused of pickpocketing. Panicked, she stole a car, sloppily tried to make an escape from the authorities, and was arrested soon afterward. Jolyne anticipated that Jotaro would pay her bail, but was sorely disappointed when she overheard her mother's frantic and unsuccessful pleas with him on the phone. Her father's absence following this led to her teenage years of delinquency (she later reflects that these events were a desperate call for attention). During Jolyne's imprisonment, Jotaro visited her in an effort to break her out. Angered that he would come out of the blue to see her after years of absence, Jolyne blew up at him, citing his inattentive behavior and his divorce. However, after risking life and limb to get Jolyne out as well as losing his Stand in the process, Jolyne broke down and got Jotaro to safety, sacrificing her own freedom and vowing to get his Stand back. As time passed, Jolyne came to respect her father more and idolized him somewhat, adapting his trademark "Yare yare daze" into a more feminine "Yare yare dawa". When Jotaro returns later, both father and daughter show considerable care to one another, each in their own way.[2]


Reception and popularity

Stone Ocean generally has a mixed reputation among JJBA Parts, but Jotaro & Jolyne are often seen as a very touching parent-child relationship.

Fanon and tropes

  • "I've always cherished you." - This canon quote is used as a refrain for the Jotaro & Jolyne relationship in fan works.
  • "Kujo" or "Cujoh"? - Jolyne's surname, Cujoh, is identical in kanji and pronunciation to her father's surname, Kujo, yet they have often been transliterated with different spellings. Some fans attribute this difference to a real-life localization discrepancy, while some gravitate to an in-universe explanation that Jolyne intentionally changed the spelling of her surname in order to distance herself from her estranged father.
  • Kidfic - Smolyne. The grumpy-faced Jotaro often partakes in silly shenanigans, such as nail-painting or playing with toys, to please his young child.
  • Star Platinum & Stone Free - As Stands are the manifestation of the Users' souls, many fans like to imagine that Star Platinum and Stone Free, the respective Stands of Jotaro and Jolyne, would also manifest their Users' parent-child bond. While Jotaro and Jolyne may be aloof and estranged, their Stands may openly express affection, such as hugging. Jotaro may use Star Platinum as an extra, invisible pair of hands to help parent little Jolyne—who does not yet possess the ability to see Stands—catching her before she falls, or lifting her up in the air so that she can "fly".
  • Morioh - Part 4, Diamond Is Unbreakable, in the earliest JoJo part in which Jolyne exists in-universe; according to the in-universe timeline, she is a seven-year-old living in Florida, though Araki had not yet created Jolyne's character at the time of Diamond’s publication. In fan AUs, seven-year-old Jolyne often accompanies her father and great-grandfather to the town of Morioh, meets her newfound granduncle and his posse of friends, and subsequently bonds with her family. Jotaro was eventually shown bonding with Jolyne and agreeing to bring her on his trip at the end of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven.
  • Another Ending AU - The original versions of Jotaro and Jolyne survive the events of Stone Ocean. Her extended family—often including her great-great granduncle Giorno Giovanna—may show up during to help her fight against her enemies and save her father.
  • Shotgun Speech - Jotaro threatens Jolyne's suitor, Narciso Anasui, with a menacing aura. This treatment doesn't apply to Ermes Costello in Jolyne x Ermes works.
  • Qtaro & Irene

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