John!Farr 'verse

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Title: John!Farr 'verse
Creator: multiple
Date(s): 3/2009 - current
Medium: shared universe
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis
External Links: John!Farr LJ community, John!Farr AO3 Collection
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The John!Farr 'verse is a shared SGA AU that is open to anyone.

It developed spontaneously after lavvyan posted the story Cycle in March 2009. Almost immediately (and in accordance with lavvyan's blanket permission[1]) other authors added sequels and prequels, expanding on the AU only vaguely outlined in the original story. A LJ community (with a name inspired by Pon Farr) was created four days later.

In the beginning, stories were added so quickly that it became hard to keep track of a consistent timeline. Later multiple tracks were created, each of them consisting of several stories by different authors. Two master lists attempted to keep track of the stories.[2]

The original story established a world in which genetically compatible people are overcome by lust during their "cycles" when they touch. This was expanded upon and common elements soon included "universal receptors", people who are compatible with anyone and are regularly exploited and insulted. Specific terms for worldbuilding details were invented (e.g. "bike", "socket", and "uni".) Several stories include commentary about prostitution and sex work.

The community became quiet after a few months, but occasionally stories are still being posted, for example Compatibility by velocitygrass for the Atlantis Big Bang 2011.

While initially all stories took place in SGA fandom (the majority McShep), a few stories explore the worldbuilding with original characters, in Highlander, and with Inception characters.[3]

Authors that contributed to this 'verse include sabinetzin, cesare, telesilla, Leah, velocitygrass, seekergeek, and many others.


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