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Name: Joannalannister
Alias(es): Tywinning, JoannaLannister
Type: Fan Writer, Meta, Moderator
Fandoms: A Song of Ice and Fire, Game of Thrones
Communities: ASOIAF University, Archive of our Own, tumblr, Reddit, Discord, twitter
Other: AO3, tumblr, reddit, twitter

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JoannaLannister, also known as Tywinning is a blogger, fanfic writer, and essayist primarily engaged in the A Song of Ice and Fire fandom, though her feminist meta analyses are often applicable to other properties. Joannalannister’s writing focuses on the politics, history, and themes of the A Song of Ice and Fire series, with particular emphasis on House Lannister. She owns and admins ASOIAF University, a fansite dedicated to George R.R. Martin’s epic fantasy universe. She was a panelist at Con of Thrones in 2017, 2018, and 2019, and would have returned in 2020 if the con hadn’t been cancelled due to Covid-19.

In her own words, Joannalannister is “really into promoting fandom organization and making sure other people are able to find what they’re looking for.”

Websites and Communities

ASOIAF University

Joannalannister created the tumblr asoiafuniversity with renlyslittlerose in January of 2012 as a place for discussion and analysis of ASOIAF. The site also engaged with the corollary fandom for the show of the book series, Game of Thrones, but stopped accepting submissions focused only on the show on May 17th, 2015, the date that the Sansa-Ramsay episode aired.[1] Asoiafuniversity has almost 19,000 followers as of September 2020. Past follower milestones are detailed in a post here.

In December 2014, Joannalannister set up a twitter account for asoiafuniversity.[2]

Tywin x Joanna Collection

A Fanfic Collection on AO3 for fics focused on the ship of Tywin Lannister/Joanna Lannister, moderated by Joannalannister.

Blogs and Tags

Joannalannister runs and helps moderate several tumblr blogs, and is affiliated with many more. She also started and is active in a few notable tumblr tags.

Personal Blogs


A blog dedicated to Tywin & Joanna Lannister, from George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series. Gifs, graphics, fanart, and fanfiction of Tywin and Joanna, separately and together (and sometimes their friends and family).

TywinxJoanna Blog Summary

A blog dedicated to the TywinxJoanna ship that posts and reblogs fancontent, meta, and announcements relevant to the ship. It also has a section dedicated to fanfic recommendations for the pairing. The blog is moderated by Joannalannister, Deepden, and Myrcellabaratheon.

Pre-Game of Thrones

Pre-gameofthrones is a tumblr dedicated to the history of A Song of Ice and Fire. Tracking the tag #gotedit.

Pre-Game of Thrones Blog Summary

Created in 2012, Pre-GameofThrones was the first dedicated pre-ASOIAF series blog on tumblr. The blog is dedicated to meta and fanworks focused on characters and events that take place before the main events of the ASOIAF series. This spans from ancient history of the world, thousands of years past, up to the childhoods of the main characters of the series. The blog includes sections dedicated to fan resources and fan fic recommendations. As of September 2020, the blog has almost 14,000 followers.

Affiliated Blogs

Joannalannister’s blogs are affiliated with many others, including:


Joannalannister created and popularized several ASOIAF-related tags on tumblr, such as:

As the show grew in popularity, Joannalannister felt that the typical ASOIAF tags were being taken over by show content. She created the #valyrianscrolls tag on tumblr for people who wanted only book content. [3] The tag was designed to be something recognizable from the books, but unlikely to appear in any HBO productions.

She created the #asoiafedit hashtag on tumblr with cerysehightower, before together creating the source blog asoiafedit in May of 2015. [4]

Based on the #gotedit tag created by Queencersei, Joannalannister created and promoted the #gotfic tag on tumblr as a place to sort ASOIAF and GoT fanfiction from general ASOIAF and GOT posts.[5]

She formalized and promoted the #asoiaf meta tag on tumblr as a place for people to post their analyses of asoiaf and get them seen [6]

Convention Panels

Joannalannister has been invited to speak at Con of Thrones, an ASOIAF Convention, every year that the con has been held. Her notable speaking engagements include:


  • You’re not the one - A panel about heroes, antiheroes, and villains
  • A World of Our Own: Game of Thrones/ASOIAF Fanfic — A panel about ASOIAF fanfiction and transformative fandom.


  • House Lannister: The Pride of Casterly Rock – A panel about “What lies ahead for Tyrion, Cersei, and Jaime? Has their family history made their path inevitable?”
  • Rhaegar and Lyanna: The Reality and the Aftermath – A panel about Rhaegar and Lyanna reveal.
  • All that is Gold Does Not Glitter: The Connections Between Lord of The Rings and ASOIAF – A panel examining connections between LOTR and ASOIAF
  • The Five Year Gap — A panel also featuring Ashaya, Joe Magician, and Bookshelfstud
Why scrapping the gap was a great idea, why GRRM planned it in the first place, and how many of the characters might have turned out if he hadn’t.

A Song of Ice and Fire is littered with dead mothers and women lost to sad ends. Here, we explore the pervasiveness of the trope of the Dead Ladies.”


  • Last of Their Name – A panel on disappearing dynasties in ASOIAF, presented with Hamfast42.
  • Metafandom: The Intersection of A Song of Ice and Fire Fans and its Fandom — A panel with nobodysusupectsthebutterfly.
We’re examining why the A Song of Ice and Fire fandom is the way it is. Like, why are certain characters super-popular while others are largely ignored? Why is the fandom drawn to certain types of theories (including conspiracies) over others? How does inspiration coming from a creator’s response to the fandom, create works that in turn inspire the creator? We’re going to do our best to figure out just how meta this fandom can get, and why.

  • ASOIAF: A Pop Culture Dialogue — Panel with nobodysuspectsthebutterfly and Michelle Jaworski of the Daily Dot.
What books, movies, and cultural movements inspire George R.R. Martin? How does he incorporate these influences into his own writing? How is he responding to them? What is the dialogue that GRRM is having with 20th-century pop culture? From the Targaryens and Tolkien, to the Tourney at Harrenhal and Woodstock, to Tywin and Reaganism, we will examine how past cultural influences have shaped ASOIAF into the story we know and love today.

This panel presentation will feature Artists and Art-Enthusiasts to discuss the behind the scenes processes of the artists who bring GRRM’s world to life, as well as the purpose of fanart in the community. We will cover everything from our favorite artists, how to share our work and use proper crediting, as well as the research and creative process fan artists use to bring you their ASOIAF-inspired pieces.

The economy often eludes authors when worldbuilding. Did GRRM succeed where so many have failed with Iron Bankers and ledger-tallying moments? Westeros money talks!

This panel examines the social, martial, and political legacy left behind by Tywin Lannister with a deconstruction of his reputation as a so-called master statesman, political genius, and chess master. Was he really brilliant? Or just bolstered by luck, wealth, and the right advisors?

Notable Essays

The Dead Ladies Club

The Dead Ladies Club (sometimes referred to as the “DLC”) is a term Joannalannister uses to refer to a collection of female characters in the 1-2 generations preceding the main story of A Song of Ice and Fire, as described in an essay of the same name. The essay, published in 2017, explains and expounds upon the term, which she had been using at least since 2013. [8] It explains how the DLC are women who are severely underdeveloped, even unnamed, compared to their male counterparts and their impact on the story, and how this is emblematic of systemic sexism within the world of the story and in George R.R. Martin’s writing. The essay is broken into 9 parts:


Further expansions of the ideas presented in the essay can be found in other posts on Joannalannister’s blog.

Casterly Rock

Joannalannister’s essay analyzes the size, scale, and scope of Casterly Rock, the ancestral home of the Lannister family in ASOIAF. Cross-referencing official ASOIAF-related materials with real-world practicalities and other fan analyses, she details how large Casterly Rock must really be, and how much wealth these mines could realistically bestow upon the Lannister family. This essay received “Reddit Gold” on Reddit. [9]

Ladies in Waiting in Westeros

An analysis on the function of real-life Ladies in Waiting, compared to the various examples of Ladies and their companions in ASOIAF. The essay breaks down specific characters and their ladies, the terms used to describe them, and the meta significance of how these women are portrayed. In particular, the essay speculates on the companions of Rhaella Targaryan and the in-universe effects of those relationships.

Joanna Lannister: A Bitch In Her Own Right

In this essay, Joannalannister details the common fandom view of the character Joanna Lannister at the time, and pushes back against it with her own suppositions of what Joanna must have been like, given the scant details in the text. This essay has some now-outdated suppositions, because The World of Ice and Fire compendium came out with contradictory information, but at the time, Joannalannister was one of the first people to start talking about Joanna Lannister in a substantive way, and helped drive fanon of the character, since little was known about her from the books at the time.

Cersei as Rapunzel

An essay exploring fairytales as depicted through ASOIAF characters, specifically, as titled, Cersei as Rapunzel. Joannalannister makes thematic comparisons of Cersei as a maiden trapped by misogyny and by the physical Tower of the Hand. She also details direct textual parallels between descriptions of Cersei’s circumstances in the book to the text of the Rapunzel fairytale.

Other Notable Essays and Series


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