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Name: Jimaku Animation
Members: Nick, Tung
Dates: ???-2002?
Medium: anime
Projects: see article
Translating From: Japanese
Translating To: English
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Jimaku Animation was a VHS-era anime fansub group that continued operating into the early digisub era. They were based in the UK, and translated many popular series. Some of these fansubs found their way to other countries,[1] despite Jimaku's policy not to directly ship outside the UK.[2]


Jimaku closed SASE distribution in March 1998,[3] but they remained open for trades after that time.[4] Sometime after January 2002, they stopped updating their website,[4] but they may have remained active after that time.

Jimaku distributed in NTSC format only,[5] to match the Japanese materials. This did cause difficulties for some UK residents who only had access to PAL-based VCRs.


Jimaku was known for fansubbing a large number of extremely popular series. They were prolific, and their completed series/OAVs include[6][7]:

Their completed movies include[6][7]:

Jimaku sometimes collaborated with other fansubbers. For example, they used Central Anime's scripts for some of their longer series, including Escaflowne, Fushigi Yuugi, Gundam X, their entire Macross 7 collection, and Nadesico.[6] (This was a common practice at the time, as Central Anime provided their scripts to affiliated groups.) They also worked together with Central Anime and 3NA on Hyper Police.[6]


Jimaku was one of the few prolific fansubbing groups in the UK[8] and was an important resource that helped make several anime series popular among UK fans.[9][10] Several of their releases were well-received, with praise for the quality.[11][12]


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