Jaws (Hawaii Five-0 story)

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Title: Jaws
Author(s): JoeLawson
Date(s): 23 February 2011
Length: 9,487 words
Genre: slash fanfiction, animal transformation
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
External Links: Jaws (LiveJournal)
Jaws (AO3)
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Jaws is a Steve/Danny story by JoeLawson. In this story Danny is a wereshark.

Summary: Danny has a secret.

Recs and Reviews

Why does it always have to be wolves or big cats? Joe Lawson who wrote merman Danny in the amazing Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, returned to the genre of sea based supernatural creatures and turned Danny in this story into some kind of were shark. And not simply any old shark but old blood that dates back to prehistoric times. Yes, you guessed correctly, that means monster sharks.

The story starts with the very probable premiss of Steve pushing Danny out of a chopper to escape some bad guys. I particularly enjoyed Steve's reaction to shark Danny and the slight change in Danny's thought process when he turns into his shark alter ego.

If you enjoyed the merman story, you'll either already know this one, or you will enjoy reading some more cracky au from the pen of Joe Lawson.[1]
Why we love it: We weren’t entirely prepared to like this fic because frankly the premise is little... unexpected and cracky as hell, which as it turns it is exactly why we liked it! It’s very well written and we loved the fact that the plot starts advancing right from the very first line, the author just jumps right in. It’s a fun read part case!fic, part hurt comfort and all great fun.[2]
Why You Should Read This: This is an interesting take on Danny as a Shark!Shifter and how its helpful in getting away from bad guys in one particular instance. Very cute McDanno scenes as well.[3]


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