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Name: JW Awards
Date(s): 1982
Frequency: was meant to be annually
Associated Community: sponsored by Jundland Wastes
Fandom: Star Wars
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The JW Awards were proposed as a Star Wars-centric alternative to the Fan Q Awards. The awards were formalized in Jundland Wastes #12: see image. They were awarded only once and for fannish works created in 1982. The award winners were printed in Jundland Wastes #14 in May of 1983.

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Fans first wrote of it in Jundland Wastes #11: "I have a gripe. What with? The Fan Q Awards. Actually, not specifically with the awards or the idea of award-giving itself. But with the presumption by many that these awards are the ONLY god-given, worthwhile awards. And that if you want to vote, you must send in money for a supporting membership. I say, let's create another award list, not designed for membership to a convention, and have the tally sheets (such as in Anne Zeek's SW questionnaire) distributed with newsletters and fanzine listing zines, as well as fanzines that wish to have it. Plus, let it be available on request for a SASE. If a group of us got together to pitch in for the cost of paper and printing, it wouldn't cost much for the whole project. Plus, it would be fair for everyone. I also think the categories should be more specific. For example, best portrait artist, best long poem, best short poem, best story, best short story, best novella or novel, best new promising, etc. I also think mixed media should not be allowed a vote in on the SW or ST tally--too confusing! The results could be listed in all fanzines that wish to list them, and announced at all conventions that wish to announce them."

Winners: 1982