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Synonyms: does it run DOOM?, DOOM on [x]
Date Started: 2006
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You may be looking for Doom running on AO3: But can it run Doom?

It runs DOOM (sometimes "but does it run DOOM?") is a popular meme in the video game fandom where people try to hack hardware that absolutely should not run the 1993 video game DOOM to make said hardware run a playable copy of DOOM.


Released in 1993, DOOM is one of the most beloved and influential video games of all time. It's frequently put on "greatest games of all time" lists[1][2][3][4] and spawned an entire genre of games known as DOOM clones, a precursor term to first-person shooter. Because it was initially released as shareware the game was immensely popular and made as much as $100,000 a day from users purchasing the full game for $9(USD), having sold somewhere between 2 and 3 million copies by 1999.[5] Given its immense popularity, it should be no surprise that after id Software released DOOM's source code in 1997,[6] fans of the game started taking DOOM and doing other things with it.

At first, the fans focused on taking the provided source code and getting it to simply run on other systems as the originally provided version was strictly for Linux.[6] Then, fans began taking DOOM and modding it to make various fangames. The most famous of this is likely Aliens TC,[7] which popularized the term total conversion in the DOOM modding community for a mod that replaced almost all of the original DOOM assets. In addition to speedrunning, this was the form that most of DOOM fandom took toward fanworks of their beloved game.

Then, in 2006, YouTuber KevlarGorilla released the video "Doom on Nintendo DS" where he showed the original DOOM running on a Nintendo DS (not to be confused with the GBA port of DOOM).[8] This was followed by a video from Stephen English where DOOM was being played on a Scope monitor[9] and the release of the extremely popular zDoom, which ran on Ti-83 calculators.[10][note 1] zDoom can be considered to be the most likely origin point of the meme, as almost everyone who had a Ti-83 calculator for math in school ended up putting DOOM on there at some point. The novelty of playing DOOM on a calculator likely led to those students growing up and trying to port DOOM to ever more absurd hardware.

By 2013 putting DOOM onto hardware it shouldn't run on was fully a meme, leading to the creation of the It Runs Doom tumblr which documents various things that can or can't run DOOM.[11][note 2] Three years later in 2016, r/itrunsdoom was created for people to showcase the weird and wacky things that they've managed to get DOOM to run on.[12]



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  1. ^ Technically, zDoom was predated by "Doom for Ti 83" (sometimes called "French Doom") in 2002. This hack, however, did not gain the popularity of zDoom.
  2. ^ The "It Runs Doom" blog was predated by a now defunct blog called "It Plays Doom," which vanished off the internet.


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