Ista Weyr

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Fan Club
Name: Ista Weyr
Dates: 1980s
Leadership: Marilyn Alm and Harry Alm
Country based in: New Orleans, USA
Focus: Pern
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The Ista Weyr was a fan run fan club that focused on the Pern books written by Anne McCaffrey.

The Weyr was originally based in the deep south of the United States, but eventually spanned 38 states and two countries. Each of these local groups were identified as "Name X Hold" which mirrored the political and geographic structure of the Pern Books.

An example of one of these Holds was the Moss Island Hold that was based in Georgia and run by Dale M. Stanley and published its own newsletter Moss Island Minutes (see flyer below). Ista Weyr also published its own newsletter, Weyr Words for all its member Holds.

Two zines proposed in 1980 were Instan Images (poetry, persona stories, etc) and Red Star Rising (a zine modeled after the Darkover zine Starstone). It is unknown if these two zines ended up being published.

In Darkover Newsletter #24, fans were encouraged to "donate $4 a Turn [year] to the worthy cause of getting that holy of holies, a Bulk Mailing Permit!"

For more details about the Ista Weyr fan club click on the flyer to read the larger version.