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Title: Ista Images
Publisher: Ista Weyr (there may be a connection with Ista Nine [1] which was a member of the Ista Weyr group)
Editor(s): Marilyn Alm
Medium: print
Fandom: Dragonriders of Pern
Language: English
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Ista Images is a gen Dragonriders of Pern anthology zine. It was published by Ista Weyr.

Issue 1

Ista Images 1 was published in Autumn 1983 and contains 35 pages.

cover of issue #1
From the editorial:

Hello! I am R'dger, bronze Wrath's rider, Lord Holder of Ne'at Hold, mate to Berella, green Blyth's rider, father to Jenfer, an occasional wingrider in Ne'at Wing, host Holder for Istacon, and, finally, archivist in charge of this production of the long-awaited ISTA IMAGES.

Around 1980, Weyrwoman Merelan proposed to publish a companion piece to RED STAR RISING, comprised of the literary efforts of the members of Ista Weyr. Exigencies of her career caught up with her and manuscripts got a bit dusty in 'the bookroom'.

In 1981, Lady Jillian cajoled Merelan into releasing the material into her hands so that the Weyr would see the fruits of its members' efforts, Alas, career hassles, added to the responsibility of publishing the monthly Weyr newsletter, WEYR WORDS, helped only to allow a bit more dust to gather on the original manuscripts for the fabled ISTA IMAGES.

In 1982, I, with a good bit of free time on my hands, agreed to accept the position of editor. Then, just in time, along came the editorship of From Out of the Ashes, A Voice, the clubzine of the Atlanta Science Fiction Club, another time-consuming monthly publication. However, I had already transcribed the manuscripts into column format, so the dust got no deeper.

It is now the autumn of 1983, and some of the stories are getting a bit dated. I must apologize first for the inexcusable delay in getting ISTA IMAGES into print, I must also apologize profusely for the horrible paste-up errors, the uncorrected typos, and the improper column widths.

These mistakes are unsightly, I admit, but the correction time involved would probably prevent publication until early 1984, and that would be so unforgivable that I'm gritting my teeth and publishing now, if for no other reason than to acknowledge the efforts of the contributors who made ISTA IMAGES a reality...

We have some creditable fiction and poetry, and lots of superlative art awaiting you within these pages. Sit back, take a sip of klah, and immerse yourself in Pern.
  • Island Songs by R'dger (4)
  • Poetry by Tia Chen (5)
  • My Dear Jenna by V'lent (6)
  • Crackdust by Elaine Moertl (7)
  • Poetry by A'ral (8)
  • Jillian's Journey by Jillian of Ne'at (9)
  • Poetry by A'ral (16)
  • The Interview by Kitha (17)
  • Poetry by A'ral (19)
  • The Challenge by Elaine Moertl (20)
  • Wingbrothers by K'lee (22)
  • Pern Arrival by Ita Chen (24)
  • Poetry by Kaleen (25)
  • Poetry by R'dger (26)
  • Lost by Elaine Moertl (27)
  • Gold Rescue by Mophym (29)
  • art by Kathleen Kaufmann, Cheryl Morisette, Jeanne Corbin, Stephanie Poole Phillips, Kathryn Mayer, Rich Howell

Unknown Issue (possibly issue #2)

It was published in 1994 and contains 256 pages.