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IntelliShipper is the term for a kind of shipper. It originated on the official X-Files message board.

From kpcatalia's X-Files glossary, an intelliShipper is a shipper who:

1. believes in the furthering of the romantic relationship as a natural, believable extension of the deep bond between Mulder and Scully.
2. is able to articulate the logical reasons for this attitude in a clear, witty, and grammatically correct manner, without 'flames' or rudeness.
3. feels that The X-Files stories should be more important than the Mulder-Scully relationship and does not expect blatant, mushy romance between the characters
4. has a sense of humor: intellishippers can laugh at themselves and the show
5. does not suffer from the delusions, poor netiquette, excessive emotional reactivity and other problematic symptoms of Rabid Shipper Syndrome [1]

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