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You may be looking for the Beauty and the Beast zine, In the Beginning... Beyond... and Forward.

Name: In the beginning
Date(s): August 2009-2012
Moderator(s): Roga, Kass
Founder: Roga, Kass
Type: fest
Fandom: Bible
Associated Community:
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In the beginning is a multifandom Bible fanworks fest founded by Roga and co-moderated by Kass which launched in 2009.

No longer do you have to offer to write “Bible: Old Testament” on Yuletide and hope you'll get assigned to it just so you'll have an excuse to write some Biblefic. (Not that we're saying you shouldn't sign up for it in Yuletide! You should just do that too.)[1]

The idea behind the fest is that the Hebrew Bible has served as inspiration for all sorts of transformative works for the last 2000+ years, from the "meta" (and occasional fanwank) of the Talmud to plays, novels, movies and more. Starting in 2009, In the beginning aspires to inspire fans to create Biblical fanworks of all kinds (fanfiction, meta essays, fanart, vids, icons, and more) which will be posted during the week of the fest.

A list of 100 prompts was generated by community members and interested onlookers[2]. Posting of the first fanworks launched on October 2, 2009. At the end of the fest, a master list of fanworks produced during the fest was posted.[3] The first year's output was small (six stories, one poem) but high in quality. New fanworks continue to be welcome in the community now that the first fest has ended.

The fest is open to Jews and non-Jews, religious fans and non-religious fans, alike[4]. Although the fest was not founded with any activist purpose in mind, it's possible to view this fest as part of the same (small but present) groundswell of Jewish fannish celebration as days of awesome, purimgifts and stilljewish.


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