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Title: Imagine That
Publisher: Catsarenits Productions
Editor(s): Brenda Cunningham
Date(s): 1992
Medium: print
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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cover by Lana G. Merkel

Imagine That is a gen multifandom 97-page anthology. Page count does not include bound-in flyers.

It has content from Blake's 7, Star Trek: TOS, Quantum Leap, Wiseguy, War of the Worlds and Star Trek: TNG.

The front cover is by Lana G. Merkel. Merkel and Anja Gruber contributed the other interior art.

A second issue was proposed in 1995, but it did not make it off the ground.

From the Submission Request

IMAGINE THAT is a multi-media fanzine incorporating elements of all fanzines produced and proposed by this editor (AKA She Who Has Trouble Making Decisions) with fervent and sincere apologies to Everyone She Has Ticked Off In The Process of Producing or Proposing Such Zines.

IT is now open to submissions of fiction and artwork and poetry. Material from universes/fandoms/series/movies accepted in the first issue are: STAR TREK, STAR TREK; THE NEXT GENERATION, BLAKE'S 7, STAR WARS, WISEGLT, MIAMI VICE, MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E., ALIEN NATION, WAR OF THE WOUDS, QUANTUM LEAP and SCARECRCW AND MRS. KING. Others may he added for future issues. Most Favored Characters are: Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Picard, Data, Avon, Vila, Tarrant, Han Solo, McPike, Castillo, Crockett, Kuryakin and Ironhorse. Stories about Your Favorite Characters eagerly accepted, as well.

Writers should try to bring out the darker side, the lighter side or the inner side of characters. Action, adventure, psychological character studies, offbeat or just plain strange material will be considered. Send whatever you've got. No slash or X-rated material, thank you.

All material should be typewritten or computer printed. IT will be laid out on lBM compatible computer. 3.5 inch diskettes in Tandy DeskMate, Word Perfect 5.1 or ASCII formats accepted if accompanied by hard copy (printed). Please indicate if you want submissions returned and send sufficient postage. All material should be accompanied by Self Addressed Envelope with loose US Stamps or International Reply Coupons for acknowledgment or acceptance of submissions.

Deadline June 30/92. Each issue will be 100 to 150 pages.